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Found 5 results

  1. Hello, I'm testing the Revive XML RPC API to create a campaign but I couldn't find how to set a campaing_type param to addCampaign API method to create campaigns other than Remnant. Is it possible to create Contract or Override campaigns using the Revive XML RPC API? Grettings
  2. Hi all, I would like to know if it's possible to create a Contract Campaign using the API, I couldn't find what parameter and value should I pass to 'addCampaign' method to create a Contract-type Campaign. Any help will be appreciate.
  3. We've noticed an interesting trend in our Revive installation recently, where all of our Contract campaigns (30+ campaigns) over our whole network of sites are over-delivering, some by up to 156%. Our over-delivery rate is set to 5%. Are there any other global settings we can check to see what's affecting our delivery of all campaigns in this way? Thanks!
  4. I recently installed revive ad server and I'm having a problem. I've created a remnant campaign with weight 1 with no limitations. Then I've created 2 contract campaigns. I've tried different options for them. First with total campaign limit, then with daily limit, but the probability for the linked zones for the contract campaigns stays 0%, and for the remnant campaign is 100%. As a result the contract campaigns are not served. Even if I stop the remnant campaign, the contract ones still get 0% probability and are not served... I've tried to search in the forum for similar problem, but with no luck...
  5. I have set up 1 zone with 1 Remnant campaign as defoult ads when no override or contract campaign. Then i have set up 1 geo targeted override campaign for 1 country..who should be priority for this country. If i set limitation on 1 Remnant campaign, by sellecting all countries, unless the country used for geo targeted override campaign its working.. But if i not set limitation...my override geo campaign not display ads. I would expect a override campaign to get priority, and i would expect remnant to be secondary. Since there will be many different geo targeted campaigns, and they will change, its not a solution to must sellect all other countries for Remnant... I also tested limitation - IS NOT ANY OF - means not display contries same as im geotargetting, but not worked too Any ideas how to solve this a effective way? Nikki
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