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  1. Hello! Could you help me to understand? One Zone: 1 Contract company (Priority 5/10) (10000 impr - 30 days) The system reports: Probability 4% 1 Remnant company (Weight 1) (No limits impr / day) - The system reports: Probability 96% All traffic needs to Contract! What did I do wrong?
  2. Hello! Thank you for this sysytem. I don't understand how the system works. Help to understand please. I posted the banner in 2 zones. Contract Set specific date 20.08 Set specific date 20.09 Impressions 500000 In each zone per month not more than 10,000 impressions So total in month 20000 imp. for 2 zone In one zone it shows a banner on every reboot but in the second zone, the banner was shown only 2 or 3 times. There are no limits on banners. Why the system does not show the banner in the second zone at every reboot? Thank you. Leo.
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