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  1. I've fixed the problem and found bug at the same time. The problem was that in Polish language version button Rebuild is called Odbduj, so after click I got: admin/maintenance-banners-check.php?action=Odbuduj which obviously doesn't work. I've changed action parameter to Rebuild and everything went smooth. Please check your buttons behaviour in other languages than English, maybe this problem exists in other places as well.
  2. I had 60 and changed to 1200, tried to rebuild cache but nothing's changed
  3. In maintenance banners section I'm keep getting information that my banners cache should be rebuild. When I click rebuild button absolutely nothing happens and the info remains. What to do? My debug.log is empty.
  4. It's possible with Js invocation code by adding what parameter: document.write ("?campaignid=20&amp;what=135"); Is it also possible with Async code? I tried something like this: <ins data-revive-zoneid="20" data-revive-what="135" data-revive-id="7b688cbc1393bd0a30159029589233f9"></ins> but data-revice-what seems to be unused.
  5. In documentation: http://www.revive-adserver.com/faq/using-flash-with-revive-adserver/ one can find how to use clickTag, however in ActionScript 3 it doesn't work. Could you please add examplary code for AS3?
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