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Found 7 results

  1. My organization has recently undergone a security incident having to do with our openx server (we use version 2.8.7). What we know - 1. The attacker most probably exploited SQL Injection vulnerability in axmlrpc.php as an enrty point into our organization. 2. From there he went on to modify 2 files in /var/cache to contain malicious code in the "compiledlimitation" key. (This code created a web shell in the plugins directory). 3. Besides the shell created by the malicious files in /var/cache he was also able to create another shell in the plugins directory. This is a publicly available shell, known to be used in the context of openx (https://www.badwarebusters.org/stories/show/19972), titled "Web Shell by oRb". we have no idea how it was created. 4. After a few days the attacker modified the contents of \openx\plugins\deliveryCacheStore\oxCacheFile\oxCacheFile.delivery.php to contain code that infects the openx cache in a way that creates another entry in /var/cache which causes openx to server malicious iframes to users. The attacker modified the oxCacheFile.delivery.php file to contain the code that can be found here: http://ninjafirewall.com/malware/?threat=2014-02-20.01 Our Database and openx installations are on different servers. We have no idea how the attacker was able to create the malicious files in \var\cache or how he was able to modify the contents of oxCacheFile.delivery.php. Does anyone have experience with this type of attack vector? Any help you can provide in understanding the what happened would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,
  2. Hi, I currently use Revive Adserver 3.2.1. I need to use the "campaign override option" with limit to add impressions. Revive Adserver 3.2.1 currently refreshes in 20 minutes and i get a vast amount of additional advertising impressions for this time period, since I have significant traffic on my website. How can I set the refresh on less than 20 minutes, maybe 1 or 30 seconds, so I can at least limit the extra impressions as much as I can. I tried to decrease the refresh time in configurations->banner delivery settings-> Time Between Banner Cache Updates (seconds), but it did not work. Once I set it to less than 20 minutes, it goes back to 20. How can I set exact limit of "override" impressions, without showing extra impressions? I need the add to dissapear after exact number of impressions, not more. Just a note, we use memcache for Banner delivery cache store typeThanks for your help!
  3. In maintenance banners section I'm keep getting information that my banners cache should be rebuild. When I click rebuild button absolutely nothing happens and the info remains. What to do? My debug.log is empty.
  4. Hi there, We host a Revive Adserver (v3.1.0) and have installed the Banner Delivery Cache Store Plugin 1.1.1. Cache time is set to 300 seconds (as it always has) and this has always worked fine until yesterday. Some ad zones had a new linked banner updated with a new image and destination url, however since yesterday the banner image is not updating to the newly uploaded image. When the banner is clicked, it does go to the updated destination URL. Our client updates their banners and until yesterday it has always just shown the new image after 5 minutes, as it should. No Revive configuration has been changed and the server configuration is exactly the same as well, to the best of my knowledge. We've tried to disable the cache store plugin but to no avail. Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Chris --update-- We've realised when creating new zones, they behave as expected - updated images are showing for them (after the 5 minute caching). We migrated from an older OpenX installation to Revive 3.1.0 before and it appears that all the migrated zones are having issues, whereas newly created zones don't.
  5. Hello, My server's disk is running short of space, and looking for large files I have found that my Revive Adserver's cache is over 2,2 Gb. Can I delete it safely? I mean, I am sure I am not using all 2.2 Gb. I would like to know if I delete the file the new cache will be rebuild immediately Thanks!
  6. Hi, first of all, thanks for providing Revive as a open source. I was using OpenX for a long time, and there is one thing I had in OpenX and also now in Revive. There is some kind of cache in administration? Serving cached files in administration, and I can not find any setting that will allow me to disable it. Normaly, cache is ok, but in administration few problems occurs: -When I log in, after I open one or two urls inside admin, it is showing me log in page again. But if I hit refresh, there is no need to log in again cause I am already logged in. Just a cache. -Log in is not major problem for me. Biggest problem is when I am adding new banner. Boy, that was hell in OpenX, I see it is a little better in revival but still it is caching pages. So when I click for example to add new banner, all forms clears, and there is no sign that anything happened. And in some cases nothing happened in fact, so I need to go again and again, and several attempts later I see green message on top that something changed. Same thing go also for adding clients, zones, campaigns.. Everything. I will be extremly happy if someone show me the way to prevent showing cached pages in admin, because what ever I want to do, I need to do it several times. Also, is there a list of CHMOD for files and folders. Which one should I leave on 777 after instalation?
  7. Hello there, I did install the WP SuperCache plugin to speed up load on our blog and since then I had few problems with the ad served. Randomly the pages are not loaded properly caused of the ads been generated dynamically and the only way to go back to normal is to delete the cache on WP SuperCache. I was reading an article about you http://www.contentrobot.com/making-openx-and-wp-supercache-work-on-your-wordpress-blog But it's referring to OpenX 2.6 and i'm sure something is different with the new version of the server. How do you perform a single page call code from the settings and what else is need it? thank you. A.
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