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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, I installed Revive Adserver on subdomain adserver.macweb.com.br, every thing OK, but now I am trying to delivery banners to teste.guiabarropreto.com.br but every call to the delivery script returns a CORS problem, after some tests I found that the call to asyncspc.php with the param "loc=http://teste.guiabarropreto.com.br/" is causing the script to request Revive Adserver dashboard login, what is or could be wrong? My installation is a new one and added only one banner to one zone to test, everything with default config. Thanks.
  2. Hi, i use this code to render my ads from multiple banners linked to a zone: <script type="text/javascript" src='//www.MYSITE.com/rv-ads/www/delivery/spcjs.php?id=1&amp;block=1'></script> <script type='text/javascript'>OA_show(1);</script> And It works as expected, but when i change it to async: <ins data-revive-zoneid="1" data-revive-id="..id_numbers.."></ins> <script async src="//www.MYSITE.com/web/rv-ads/www/delivery/asyncjs.php"></script> The banners disappear, i can't understand what's wrong.
  3. Hi All, Yesterday, I tried to serve responsive ads from my adserver on my localhost. I followed the process as: Created two banners- one 728*90 and other 300*50. Generated two invocation codes by async js for them. In my <div> tag, I put the following code: <div> <script type="text/javascript"> var width = window.innerWidth || document.documentElement.clientWidth || document.body.clientWidth; if (width > 960) { <ins data-revive-zoneid="13" data-r
  4. It's possible with Js invocation code by adding what parameter: document.write ("?campaignid=20&amp;what=135"); Is it also possible with Async code? I tried something like this: <ins data-revive-zoneid="20" data-revive-what="135" data-revive-id="7b688cbc1393bd0a30159029589233f9"></ins> but data-revice-what seems to be unused.
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