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"data-revive-id" not changing

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Hallo, @Matteo Beccati !


I've installed the fresh webserver and Revive Adserver.


But the invocation code has the new data-revive-id:

<ins data-revive-zoneid="1" data-revive-id="0221d5147ec0b9b881fa2c3cfd4a172c"></ins>
<script async src="//ads.abagain.net/www/delivery/asyncjs.php"></script>


The websites I am working with have the old one like:

<ins data-revive-zoneid="1" data-revive-id="3737cf5d3d340e4fadc9904da5d61dde"></ins>
<script async src="//ads.abagain.net/delivery/asyncjs.php"></script>



How (if should) and were is it possible to change this parameter? 

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Thank you @andrewatfornax for your answer.

I do understand that it was an idea - to change this parameter for each installation.

Now I need to reconfigure the server in order to make it the same - otherwise I need to send new codes to all zones to al the websites I work with.

The question is: "How can I change this ID to the previous one?"

Thank you!



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