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  1. If I click an ad on a page it opens the ad target url in a new tab as expected. If I click another ad, or the same ad, on the same page again, it opens a new tab, HOWEVER, the new page target is NOT the ad target. Rather, it is the original page reloaded. Is this normal behavior? It's probably rare, but I'd thought I'd mention it. I'm using async JS tags.
  2. Actually Here's the same improved a little bit. didn't need the separate DIV for script <div id="myad"></div> <button type="button" onclick="rotateAd('myad',2)">Rotate Ad</button> <script> function rotateAd(addiv,zone) { // Remove old ad $( "#"+addiv ).empty(); window.reviveAsync={}; // Create new ad // <ins> element var ins = document.createElement('ins'); ins.setAttribute('data-revive-zoneid', zone); ins.setAttribute('data-revive-id', 123456789'); document.getElementById(addiv).appendChild(ins); // <
  3. It seemed to be a popular question on here but no solution, so I came up with something that seems to work pretty good. It uses a few jquery lines and doesn't use iframes or force a page refresh. Enjoy! <div id="myad"><ins data-revive-zoneid="2" data-revive-id="123456789"></ins></div> <div id="adScript"><script async src="http://xxxxx/www/delivery/asyncjs.php"></script></div> <button type="button" onclick="rotateAd('myad')">Rotate Ad</button> <script> function rotateAd(addiv) { // Remove old ad $( "#"+addiv ).em
  4. It's the 'zone id" that is the key isn't it? The zoneid is unique across all sites?
  5. Yeah, after looking into the source that seemed to be the case. thanks!
  6. It seemed to me that in async.js the line g.loc = d.location.href; was used to pass up a parameter of "&loc=" to the asyncspc.php which I figured was used as some sort of key to link to the website url there to generate the counts. I went with that code assumption and it seemed to be ok. Sounds like it may not have been needed. thank you.
  7. So in one case I am displaying ads, but they are not on a 'website' (they are in fact, to an app on a phone). Does it really matter under 'create new website' what the value is in the 'website url' field? Specifically does revive need a value there to generate stats or tie/link it to something?
  8. So I notice is all my Async JS tags the value in data-revive-id="" never seems to change, even for different websites, advertisers, whatever. Is that normal? The ZoneID changes, but never the ID
  9. So for someone coming along reading this, it looks like x-forwarded-protocol has something to do with load balancers. https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/HTTP/Headers/X-Forwarded-Proto I'm not using one BUT I think my requests are being forwarded anyways. I am testing my Phonegap/cordova app using the Ripple browser plugin, I bet that does some forwarding. And when my app, built via phonegap build with hydration mode... I guess there's some forwarding there too. So my hacked solution for now is to update the setupConfigVariables() function, and set $GLOBALS['_MAX']
  10. After putting some debug code in it seems https is getting set because $_SERVER['HTTP_X_FORWARDED_PROTO'] == "https" Now on to some research on why that is being set.
  11. New user running v4.0.2 running on Apache, PHP 5.5.12 and MySQL 5.6.17 Using the "Asynchronus JS Tag" my http calls (non-ssl), keep attempting to grab the image as https and the lg.php file as https. It works on one page (site), but another it fails (inside the ripple emulator for Phonegap, and also my phonegap app). works in IE. Here's the tag I am using where I hardcoded the http: (I don't want the slowdown from ssl) <ins data-revive-zoneid="1" data-revive-id="de77d907e60f2f4544b2c1842c4e97ea"></ins> <script async src="http://ads.xxxxxx.com/adserver/www/delivery
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