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  1. Matteo Beccati

    "data-revive-id" not changing

    data-revive-id is a hash calculated using the delivery and deliverySSL config values. @Adi The old one had "www" in the path while the new one doesn't, that's why you're getting a different id.
  2. Matteo Beccati

    Installation failed to create the core tables

    It's a known incompatibility with the utf8mb4 charset: https://github.com/revive-adserver/revive-adserver/issues/740
  3. Matteo Beccati

    Upgrade Path From Phpadsnew?

    @olabre See my original reply. Testing upgrades from 2.0.11-pr1 is now part of the release process. Tags should also be compatible, as long as you are not using functionalities that have been removed.
  4. @OMG I believe you just need to make sure that This banner can be safely displayed inside an iframe (e.g. is not expandable) is checked in the banner-edit screen.
  5. As I said earlier, only "clickTag" is supported. Revive AdServer only supports a single destination URL.
  6. Revive only supports the main clickTag. They should also be using the JS variable thereafter, not an <a href
  7. I'm sorry, magic macros aren't supported in HTML5 banners. You should stick to the default, which is using clickTAGs. You should kindly ask your client to comply.
  8. Hi @tkat https://support.google.com/dcm/partner/answer/3145300?hl=en Look for Simple ClickTag insertion.
  9. Matteo Beccati

    Adserver ID where find it

    @andrewatfornax maybe the plugin requires the revive-id field used in the async tags? @melamoccicata If so, just generate an asynchronous invocation code and copy the revive-id html attiribute value.
  10. The setting is in the webserver hosting Revive Adserver.
  11. @Maro Sorry, I can't possibly know how your servers are configured. Wordpress is not involved in that though.
  12. Your Apache or nginx is most likely configured to set the wildcard header, as Revive uses the Origin domain for async calls.
  13. @Maro withCredentials is required, as some features use cookies. Your webserver must be overwriting the Access-Control-Allow-Origin header sent by Revive.
  14. Every delivery scripts, except async JS, sends the Access-Control-Allow-Origin: * header, but not Access-Control-Allow-Credentials. I wasn't aware of VAST1 compatible JS HTML5 video players, but it seems like there are some?
  15. Matteo Beccati

    Installing Error Revive AdServer 4.1.1

    @Tomislav An easy fix is to comment out the check itself (lib/OX/Admin/UI/SessionStorage.php ), but my suggestion would be to move to another hosting provider.