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Maxmind geotargeting no longer supported?

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Hi folks,

I want to be able to display ads to potential customers within an approximate radius of an advertiser. 

It appears I was able to do this using the free Geo data from Maxmind using a .DAT file.

I'm guessing they no longer provide a .DAT file just either a CSV or a MMDB file which Revive won't import ?

Is my plan dead in the water?!



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On 4. 5. 2017 at 5:32 PM, l0gan5 said:

Terribly sorry, just after I posted this I found that I can download a .DAT file from Maxmind which I've just installed, updated the plug and voila! it works!



From which page you download actuall .DAT  ?

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Just an update, when I said it works earlier I need to qualify that. What I mean is I can now select a Country and type a City from the Delivery Limitations section.

However, I can't get it to work from the ad serving side.

I've tried my country (UK) and local city (Cambridge) with a test banner but nothing shows. 

Which is a major shame unless anyone has any ideas?

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Hi @l0gan5,

One of the real difficulties with testing geotargeting is that even though you know that you are located in Cambridge, that doesn't mean that your IP address actually shows up in Cambridge in the geotargeting databases! Often, you will be somewhere completely different, based on your ISP details....

Try flipping it so that the banner shows if you are in the UK, but NOT Cambridge, and see if it displays?

At least that would confirm that geotargeting is "working" (in as far as Revive Adserver is getting the information from the geo database and targeting according to what is in there...)

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I have a technical doubt:

Our server Revive has time in operation, researching its configuration observed that only IPv4 was enabled as communications protocol, ie at the DNS level is not linked to ipv6, neither at the database level, nor at the network level.
What effect could this absence of the IPv6 protocol have if I only see Ipv4? For example, the United States already has 56.6% traffic that have IPv6 in end users.
I know how to solve this fault at the level of Geotarget (layer 7) and at the network level (layer 3).

If I make these changes will the monetization increase or will it remain the same?
Remember that the world traffic is already 25% IPv6 and if you use nat64 or dns64, the performance of our server goes down.
Or it is as I was told that the IPs are carried by the DSP and the publicity will always look no matter if it is ipv6 or IPv4 the end user, although Revive does not have IPv6 enabled at any level.
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On 6/17/2019 at 2:44 AM, lalush said:

Hello i need help. i have same issue with geotarget city. so i want to show banner 1 to country germany city berlin.right now dont work.If some body help me to fix this issue i offer 100 EUR. CONTACT ME VIA EMAIL [email protected]


Support via the forums will usually be more forthcoming if you don't put a new request on the end of an older post, and if you can provide some more information about what you have done, how it is set up, etc. rather than just "it's not working".

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