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Revive is not Counting Clicks for CPC


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My setup consists of the following:

Three advertisers

Three campaigns for the three different advertisers. All campaigns have 1 different banner

Each campaign is set to CPC at 3 clicks and unlimited Impressions

One website

One zone

I have all the campaigns linked to that one zone.

I am now trying to demo out the 3 clicks.  I loaded my website and clicked through my website and clicked each banner 3 times when they presented themselves 3 different times.  I then refreshed my website and all three banners are still able to show them selves.  I checked the revive campaign settings of each campaign and each CPC has 3 clicks remaining.  Does revive count the clicks as soon as the banners are clicked?  I'm basically wanting the banners to deactivate once the clicks meet the CPC clicks.  I'm assuming that's supposed to happen?

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Nevermind, I answered my own question by reading the docs.  Just one one more silly question.  You said the stats are updated every hour on the hour...   If I set my clicks/impressions so there are remaining clicks/impressions and save the settings, will it take an hour for the campaign to reactivate?

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I've been playing with the settings and getting used to how revive works.  I changed my auto maintenance to cron maintenance and manually executed the maintenance script and increased the click count to reactive the campaign.  I refreshed my page a few times and the banner reappeared :-) I need to continue to read the docs and change settings until I get the ad environment that works for me :-)

thank you @Erik Geurts and @andrewatfornax for taking the time to respond to my questions :-)

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