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  1. I guess it is related to permission access. The respective folder should have 777 permissions.
  2. Hi Reyes, just enable geo option..Configuration => Geo targeting settings => check "Show geotargeting delivery limitations even if GeoIP data unavailable" you can enable "MaxMind GeoIP (Flat file)".
  3. Hi Nguyen, This issue is due to database and in third step you should give valid data for database name / username /password (use already created database name).
  4. Hi, We have mod for pop under formats and please check the below link for more details, http://www.reviveadservermod.com/pop-under-ad-format For pop up we can built it as a customized one and it take 3-4 days time. Can you please share your Skype Im / email for future quick communication and my Skype Im - djaxadserver Regards Arun Krishnan
  5. IAB published the fourth version of VAST specifications. The standard improves upon both advertiser and publisher controls, focusing on viewability, verification and ad categorization, while taking into account the industry trend towards new screens and connected devices.As with all other video standards, VAST grew out of the publisher’s need to improve the monetization of inventory while remaining in control of both ad revenue and user experience. But what does a smoother operation mean in business terms?" Click here for more information : http://www.lakshisoft.com/adserver-technology/vast4.0.html
  6. Yes, Post View Tracking for S2S/Post back: Post view tracking ,once banner displayed/viewed it will generate unique transaction_id. For Post back click based S2S conversion,we will send transaction_id into advertiser destination URL as like https://ad.zanox.com/ppc/534324380934?zpar0=jgejhwqgehgqwhqwe when banner get clicked. Can you share your Skype im or email for future communication. My Skype IM - djaxadserver
  7. Hello, Hope the below plugin will suits to your requirement, please check the below link, http://www.reviveadservermod.com/post-back-server-to-server-url-tracking If interested you can inbox me. Thanks!
  8. Elix, Revive Cache plug-in hacks the ad server. If you provide revive login and server detail, we will check " is they followed security tips or not?".
  9. Hi Gene, We would love to help you in this case. We have developed mobile sdk plugin for Revive Adserver upto its latest version and you can deliver ads in the mobile application (iOS & Android) as per your requirement. You can buy our mobile ads and mobile sdk plugin from the below link. http://www.reviveadservermod.com/mobile/mobile-ads-plugin http://www.reviveadservermod.com/mobile/mobile-ads-sdk-for-iphone-android-apps If you need any clarification / assistance, you can reach on Skype for the quick discussion. Skype name : djaxadserver Email : arunkrishnan@djaxadserver.com Regards Arun Krishnan
  10. Hi tkat, we have the Expand banner plugin for your requirement, please check the below link http://www.reviveadservermod.com/expand-banner We can add any functionalities in the plugin as per you need. You can ping me on Skype for the quick discussion. Skype name: djaxadserver Regards Arun Krishnan
  11. Hi francesco, We have gone through your requirement, Seems companion positioning does not work when the invocation code for the zones is of the iframe tag. It will works with JavaScript tags and also with Asynchronous JS tag. Please find the demo URL and provide your FTP details to check with the issue while deliver the ad with Asynchronous Js tag for Companion Positioning to get the solution. Campaign 1 (Companion Positioning) Banners : 1. 250x250 ( image name : This spot available) 2. 300x250 ( image name : Adsize 300x250) Campaign2 Banners: 1. 250x250 (Transparent image) 2. 300x250 ( Transparent image) Demo for Javascript Tag: Demo for Iframe Tag : Demo for Asynchronous JS Tag : You can reach me over Skype / Email for the quick discussion. Skype name : djaxadserver Regards Arun Krishnan
  12. Hi Renn, I have just emailed you. just make a look at it and revert back.
  13. Hi yuttakarn, Can you please come to Skype for the discussion. Regards Arun Krishnan
  14. Hi Iko, I understood your need ! We do have a solution for it and please check the below link for more info, http://www.reviveadservermod.com/html5-banners You can reach me over Skype for a quick discussion. Skype name : djaxadserver Regards Arun Krishnan
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