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Ads Stopped Showing on IE 11 Using Asynchronous Tag


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I just recently noticed that IE 11 is blocking banner ads when using the Asynchronous Tag. When switching to the regular JS code it works. I have tested on two computers with the same results. It seems that FireFox and Chrome work properly. I have not tested on earlier versions of IE.

A temporary work-around for me is to use an IE detection script and load the code as needed as per browser conditions.

Any guidance would be appreciated...thanks

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I found out what the problem was...IE 11 (eeeech) determined that all sites were "Local intranet" for some bizarre reason. By default, intranet sites in IE 11 are set to run in compatibility mode ... which I guess is such old tech that it doesn't work with Revive's Asynchronous Tag. My fix was to add the following to the head of our site:

<meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=edge">

Problem now solved.

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