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Found 9 results

  1. My website has been navigating HORRIFICALLY slow according to Google Analytics large in part due to the ads on my site. I was recommended to use an ad as an iframe which supposedly loads the page faster with my banners, so I have implemented the iframe tags for my zones, but they also recommended doing Asynchronous for speed purposes. I am not seeing the ability to generate Asynchronous when getting my invocation code for the site. Please help. Also any additional advice on setting my site up so that the ads do not hold back any of the loading of my site would be very much appreciated.
  2. I wonder why Revive is using the <ins> tag to embed the asynchronously loaded code. Browsers render this with "text-decoration: underline;" by default which means this has to be manually changed in the CSS (or inline) to avoid all content in the embedded ad to be underlined.
  3. Hi, I noticed that when using Asynchronous JS tag if I have some JS code added to "HTML append" field for banner that code is not shown on site (usually third-party JavaScript code from client for impression tracking on their end). Banner shows just fine, but there is not JS code I added. If I use old JS tag invocation code to display that zone that it works fine. Can you advise on how to use additional JavaScript code in HTML append fields so it shows on site? This way is looks like custom JS code it is just stripped away. thanks d
  4. I just recently noticed that IE 11 is blocking banner ads when using the Asynchronous Tag. When switching to the regular JS code it works. I have tested on two computers with the same results. It seems that FireFox and Chrome work properly. I have not tested on earlier versions of IE. A temporary work-around for me is to use an IE detection script and load the code as needed as per browser conditions. Any guidance would be appreciated...thanks
  5. Hello, Looking for a way to asychronously run the invocation code to prevent ad loading from delaying page load times. I had looked into it previously, but ran into a roadblock because of the way the original OpenX call is structured. I believe it had something to do with the 'document.write' command IIRC. (It has been almost a year since I reviewed working around the problem, so I may be off.) Our company sites have a high saturation of ads all hosted on our servers (no third-party ads) and load times at times really slow the page down. If anyone can build this feature out, that wo
  6. Hi, i use this code to render my ads from multiple banners linked to a zone: <script type="text/javascript" src='//www.MYSITE.com/rv-ads/www/delivery/spcjs.php?id=1&amp;block=1'></script> <script type='text/javascript'>OA_show(1);</script> And It works as expected, but when i change it to async: <ins data-revive-zoneid="1" data-revive-id="..id_numbers.."></ins> <script async src="//www.MYSITE.com/web/rv-ads/www/delivery/asyncjs.php"></script> The banners disappear, i can't understand what's wrong.
  7. How do I pass keywords or other custom variables through the asynchronous tag?
  8. Hi, I upgaded to 3.2.0 but do not see any option to use asynchronous tag option. I only see: - Javascript - iFrame - Local Mode
  9. Hello, when I use Asynchronous JS tag and add flash banner to placement on website in console I have error: ReferenceError: FlashObject is not defined http://site Line 2 I use version: 3.2.0
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