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Banner weight - 2 campaigns with different number of banners


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Hi guys,

I´ve got 2 campaigns with different number of banners. I´d like to show all banners in same weight, but in the campaign where is twice number of banners, the weight is lower.

Can I do it some way? (the same weight of banners per zone)

Thank you very much!



So one more time - if I have 1 banner in Campaign 1 and 10 banners in Campaign 2 - banner 1 is shown 10 times more than each banner from campaign 2..

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I would try setting Campaign 1 to have weight 1, and Campaign 2 to have weight 10.

This way, 1/11 of all banners will be from Campaign 1 (hence, 1/11 of all banners is the one banner there), and 10/11 of all banners will be from Campaign 2 (and, assuming all banners in Campaign 2 are all weight 1, then each banner in Campaign 2 will also end up displaying 1/11 of the time).

However - this is a laborious process, and impossible to manage when you start to get a large number of banners across multiple campaigns and zones.

So, I would really ask myself - if I *need* this kind of totally equal distribution of between these 11 banners, are these 11 banners *really* from two different campaigns, with different delivery targets - or are these 11 banners actually part of the *one* campaign?

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