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Found 4 results

  1. Could someone please explain to me how banner weights & probability work? I created a zone with 4 banners. By default each banner had probability 25% & weight 1 I then changed one of the banners weights to 2, thinking this would increase its probability - but it didn't! Am I doing something wrong?
  2. I have a listing of ads that are displayed in a column of 5 zones. I am assuming that the zone in the top position is more likely to get clicked, so I want ads from campaigns with higher weights to be more likely to be displayed at the top of the column. For the sake of discussion, I'll call the top zone, Zone 1, and the bottom zone, Zone 5. I use zone chaining and link all campaigns to the top zone so that any banners not shown in the top zone are shown in a zone below it, and so on, and so forth. Zone 2 is chained to Zone 1, Zone 3 is chained to Zone 2, Zone 4 is chained to Zone 3, etc. The invocation code has the "Don't show the banner again on the same page" and "Don't show a banner from the same campaign again on the same page" parameters set to yes. I've tried adjusting the weights of the campaigns, but can't seem to affect the order of the banners that are shown. For example, I can set all campaigns to weight 1, except for one that is set to 100. When I look at Zone 1's probabilities, I can see that the banner from the campaign with weight 100 has a higher probability than the others. However, the campaign with higher weight seems to show up randomly in the zone list. Certainly not consistently near the top. Does anyone have any advice on how to influence the order in which the campaign's banners are shown? It should also be said, that all campaigns being used are remnant campaigns.
  3. Hi guys, I´ve got 2 campaigns with different number of banners. I´d like to show all banners in same weight, but in the campaign where is twice number of banners, the weight is lower. Can I do it some way? (the same weight of banners per zone) Thank you very much! TP So one more time - if I have 1 banner in Campaign 1 and 10 banners in Campaign 2 - banner 1 is shown 10 times more than each banner from campaign 2..
  4. Hello, I've found the eCPM priority feature very interesting, specially for managing campaigns that are paid on CPI rather than CPM. I understand the platform can be set up so if a specific campaign is performing very well on a specific zone, meaning, triggering a good amount of conversions, that will boost the eCPM of the zone for that campaign and thus, serve more impressions of it. I'd like to know about is how the algorithm works by default on calculating the eCPM, what timeframe it uses to calculate and recalculate the eCPM and weight for a zone. probably it recalculates eCPM on a daily basis but needs some trend to push some campaign on the Top ranking and the same to lower it down compared with other campaigns eCPM. Is there any documentation about this? Regards, Todor
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