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Found 12 results

  1. Hi all, I have many web site and administer with revive adserver. I installed 50+ web site now. I think my problem cache time. But i cant resolve. Im creating campaing and waiting 5 minute. Im adding web site and waiting 5 minute. Im adding field and waiting 5-10 minute. What is the problem? Thanks for interest
  2. Hello, I'm testing the Revive XML RPC API to create a campaign but I couldn't find how to set a campaing_type param to addCampaign API method to create campaigns other than Remnant. Is it possible to create Contract or Override campaigns using the Revive XML RPC API? Grettings
  3. Hi all, I would like to know if it's possible to create a Contract Campaign using the API, I couldn't find what parameter and value should I pass to 'addCampaign' method to create a Contract-type Campaign. Any help will be appreciate.
  4. Hello, I'm looking to do something like this: On my site I have 3 advertisers (and I want to add more, so it can't be hardcoded by weight): A: with a campaign $100 CPM B: with a campaign $50 CPM C: With a campaign $200 CPM. I'd like to see a lot of ads from C, then A and less of B. Is that possible with Revive AdServer without using weights? How should I set the Rate / Price and Impressions for each campaign? Best regards
  5. Hi guys, I´ve got 2 campaigns with different number of banners. I´d like to show all banners in same weight, but in the campaign where is twice number of banners, the weight is lower. Can I do it some way? (the same weight of banners per zone) Thank you very much! TP So one more time - if I have 1 banner in Campaign 1 and 10 banners in Campaign 2 - banner 1 is shown 10 times more than each banner from campaign 2..
  6. Hello, I'm trying to create an interface to manage Ad Campaigns and Ads on a web platform that uses Revive Adserver via API. What would be the best way to stop (end) a campaign (so it stays as completed) via the API ? I've thought of changing the End Date to match the current date, which will work in case the campaign is already active, but it's not a good solution for when the campaign is set to run in the future. Any suggestions ? All best, Telmo
  7. Hi, I created a campaign, created a banner, but when I go to the zone and try to select that banner,I'm not able to select that. Please help me out and also let me know how I can go ahead.
  8. Is there a way to limit Total Impressions on the Banner level within a campaign? IE. Lets say I have a Campaign that I want 1,000,000 Impressions on I want 750,000 Impressions on its 300x250 Banner. and 250,00 Impressions on its 600x160 Banner. Can this be set up, or would I have to break each banner into its own Campaign with indivual Impression limits.
  9. Hello, Is there a way to use the same banner for more than one zone? From what I can understand, the destination URL can only be associated to a banner, not a zone, is this right? If it's the case, I guess that the answer is no. Thanks, Gino
  10. When I use the API to either create or modify a campaign and set the startDate and endDate, the provided dates are not used and the current date is used instead. While implementing my code I was using a test environment (Kint) to display debug output and the dates were being set as expected. Once I removed the debug environment this problem cropped up. I have since then tried the REST API demo provided by openxsourcerestapi.com and to my surprise it appears to have the same problem. Has anyone else run into this problem or have any ideas?
  11. I have 2 campaigns setup with same setting - Campaign Type: Contract (Exclusive) - Start date: Start immediately - End date: Don't expire - Price model: CPM - Weight: 1 No limit on impressions And each campaign associated with 1 banner and linked to same zone. When I preview the website, it always displaying the same banner on that zone. Should it be randomized? I have 2 exclusive campaign with same weight, the banner should be selected randomly according to the weight value. Anyone have any clue on this case?
  12. I have one Remnant campaign running and for testing purpose I put impressions to 10. but even after ad displayed many times the count never get decrease. Also Even after 10 impressions ad didn't stop displaying . I have set Targeting for banner as site Variable. why these impression count didn't updated after ad visits.
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