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companion positioning vs. contract campaigns


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My website has 3 zones (A,B and C). I have only one campaign and I want smooth delivery of impressions for period of time. I want to have on site all three banners from campaign in same time. I set companion positioning and it works. My problem is, that this works only when campaign is remnant. When I set contract campaign (so campaign displays for example 1 of 3 times) , sometimes it display only one of banners, sometimes two and sometimes three. Problem is, that I need allways all three, or none.  

Is there any way I can solve this?

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Hi @dommi88,

If you have a companion campaign set up, then once a banner from the campaign is selected for a zone, then any subsequent zones on the page will also be from the same campaign. However, that doesn't preclude the possibility of the first zone being selected coming from a campaign that's not a companion campaign, and then the second (and subsequent) banner(s) will be the companion campaigns.

The closest you can get to overcoming this is to set your companion campaign to be an Override campaign - the idea being that generally, if you're doing this, it's because the advertiser is paying for some kind of "take over" on the site. By being an override campaign, the first banner on the page will always get the first opportunity to come from your companion campaign, so they will always show together - the only time the first banner won't be from that campaign will be due to limitations, and if you have them set up identically, then the other banners won't appear either.

Of course, in this case, that means you can't use the Contract campaign functionality to get a smooth delivery of the target impressions over time!

So, in short, what you're looking for isn't supported. I guess what is needed is an option to extend companion positioning to NEVER deliver from the campaign if another campaign has already shown on the page...

(I hope I remember this correctly, @Matteo Beccati?)

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