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  1. Is there anything new on the "NEVER deliver from the campaign"? I need this also.
  2. I would like to auto refresh ads in iframes, but it doesn't work, as I get this error: Error: Permission denied to access property "document" I know this error is because I use domain name www.example.com and the ads are served from ads.example.com Is there any way around this?
  3. Thank you for your answer. Now they don't log in any longer..
  4. Yes today I canhged password. This logins started happening at the end of february, is it possible somebody exploited some old backdoor to get password? I'll see if it will happen again now, but I would like to know how they got my password in the first place. So was there some exploit before end of february that could get the attacker password? I don't know what this JS iframes did, as I didn't get infected by browsing my website and I did that a lot...
  5. Is there any new exploit in Revive Adserver 3.2.4? Some script or something is putting prepend script to our ads and removing them few hours later. They log in in audit log as me, but the password is impossible to guess and the scripts are intact on the revive folder, server seem not to be compromised... Any ideas?
  6. I used option for iframes to autoresize and I get this error in firebug and it is not working: SyntaxError: expected expression, got ';' parent.document.all[frame.name].width = ; afr.php...=_blank (line 9, col 43) SyntaxError: expected expression, got ';' parent.document.all[frame.name].width = ;Any idea why? I have ad server on subdomain of my main server, like ads.domain.com and the ads are showed on domain.com
  7. Is it safe to delete the \\\\ in the openx code, if I delete them to // Detect any JavaScript window.open() functions, and prepend the opened URL with our logurl $buffer = preg_replace('#window.open\s?\((.*?)\)#i', "window.open('{logurl}&maxdest='+$1)", $buffer);Do I need escaping here and why doesn't it work with escape codes? Anybody, please....
  8. Hmm, the window.open should work with escaping \' single quote, but I get error in all browsers. Anybody knows the reason?
  9. But there is no solution to my problem about \ that revive ads by itself on clickTab, I have "solved" the rest uploading everything to my server and changing links (not a solution but a temporary ability to show the banner). This is the offending function that does prepend \ in my window.open code... Is something wrong with it, because Firefox says error in Javascript so the ad do not show... // Detect any JavaScript window.open() functions, and prepend the opened URL with our logurl $buffer = preg_replace('#window.open\s?\((.*?)\)#i', "window.open(\\\'{logurl}&maxdest=\\\'+$1)", $buffer);
  10. Thank you both. I have come so far to upload all folder of html banner to my server and changed links... Banner works, but.... This doesn't work: document.getElementById('canvas').addEventListener("click", function () { window.open(getUriParams.clicktag); }); Revive seem to change the getUriParams to the link but putting \ before so it reads: window.open(\'http://ad-server-url/www/delivery/lg.php?bannerid=...The first \ produces javascript error and there is no banner then ;-( (HTML is made of javascript in page, not <a href> unfortunately. I changed the getUriParams to {clickurl}urlThe link is ok then to display click url and redirect to my url, but the javascript won't work because of this \ in front of the 'http. If I could get rid of this it would work... Any ideas why review is changing URL to \ in front? (I know it has to change it to track clicks, but why the \)? PS - Swiffy seems to be only working if you have .swf to convert it to, this ad was HTML5 from the start, no flash...
  11. Are the authors ever responding here? ;-(
  12. Hi Is there any way to add HTML5 banners via Revive or some extension? I got AD that is pure HTML, means I have .html file, .js file and folders IMAGES and CSS... How do I send all this files to Revive and how do I set the click url? Generic HTML banner in latest Revive is missing the Destination URL field somehow... ;-( Any help would be appreciated.
  13. Something happened to my Revive and I can not figure it out. Now contracts work so that only one shows if I have 3 contracts. If I have remnant ads also only one contract shows. If I have ONLY REMNANT ads it works ok. But if there is a single contract or multiple ones, only one contract ad is shown. And there aren't too many impressions, I checked and the probability shows Ok, like 19% but the one single contract shows 100% of the time. If more than one contract is one shows all the time. Anybody can help, I checked the DB, files... everything is like expected I think.
  14. When I try to edit or add delivery options in channels, I get error: PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function MAX_limitationsGetQuotedString() in D:\Inetpub\vhosts\xxx\openx\plugins\deliveryLimitations\Site\Variable.class.php on line 128 I have no clue what it means and how to make this work. Anybody please? Jerry
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