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Ad Banner Showing Old Image

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Hi there,
We host a Revive Adserver (v3.1.0) and have installed the Banner Delivery Cache Store Plugin 1.1.1. Cache time is set to 300 seconds (as it always has) and this has always worked fine until yesterday. Some ad zones had a new linked banner updated with a new image and destination url, however since yesterday the banner image is not updating to the newly uploaded image. When the banner is clicked, it does go to the updated destination URL.
Our client updates their banners and until yesterday it has always just shown the new image after 5 minutes, as it should.
No Revive configuration has been changed and the server configuration is exactly the same as well, to the best of my knowledge.
We've tried to disable the cache store plugin but to no avail.
Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated!
We've realised when creating new zones, they behave as expected - updated images are showing for them (after the 5 minute caching). We migrated from an older OpenX installation to Revive 3.1.0 before and it appears that all the migrated zones are having issues, whereas newly created zones don't.
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Yes it did help! Sorry entirely forgot to reply to this thread, so rude of me. Thanks Adservermods.


We've actually found, after I posted this question, that newly created banners could be updated fine; this made us suspect that it had something to do with cached files for our migrated OpenX zones/banners vs. newly created Revive ones (as we had also changed servers), which seems to have been the problem.




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