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  1. By using direct selection feature, have an option to create ad tag code for all banner under any campaign. So no need to link the banner to zone to deliver the banners. But this features is not available in recent revive versions. If you need this features in latest revive versions, have to write custom code to achieve this functionality.
  2. By default “MaxMind GeoIP (Flat File)” available in revive adserver. Login as admin account and follow the below steps. Admin => Configuration => Geotargeting Settings and select the “MaxMind GeoIP (Flat File)” from the drop down option and click “save changes” button. Once this setting happened, then geo based plugins are enabled in targeting settings page. Geotargeting Settings page Targeting for Your Banner
  3. Under zones listing page, we have “Invocation Code” link. Click on this link and it will navigate you to invocation code section. Based on your need, you can set the tag settings and copy & paste in website page. The ads will get delivered in particular page.
  4. By default, revive adserver support country targeting and have to set targeting in banner edit page under the tab name “Delivery Options”. Before going to set targeting to your banner, have to enable Geo Targeting settings under configuration tab in administrator account. Here Max Mind GeoIP(flat file) should be selected. Then only those targeting details are display in the targeting options.
  5. Kindly confirm this issue found in fresh installed package or you worked or installed any mods in your revive adserver. Once confirm this, we will let you know the solution for this issue.
  6. Login as administrator account and click on plugins tab. Here have an option to select the plugins. Get the plugins in the following path "revive-adserver-3.2.1/etc/plugins/openXInvocationTags.zip". Then click on install button to get the manual install done.
  7. This issue occur because of “openXInvocationTags” plugin not installed properly. Kindly install this plugin so that it will show the invocation details as well. Get the plugin in the below path “Adserver/etc/plugins”.
  8. The source code of the plug-in can be checked and fixed to make it compatible with latest version. Since there might be a source change in the updates of Revive version and so, the plug-in cannot be built to compatible for the future updates from Revive.
  9. Kindly delete the Revive Adserver cache files in var/cache path. This might resolve this issue.
  10. Make sure that, created banner size and zone size are match. Else it won’t display in the banner linking section.
  11. When creating banner through revive Adserver, following tables are affected. For all banner creation “rv_banners” table affected everytime. “rv_ad_zone_assoc” table is affect when every banner creation. “rv_banner_vast_element” table is affect when Video banner creation. “rv_images” table affect when sql banner creation. For every action, “rv_audit” table is affect to store all history of create, delete of all data. When “Generic HTML Banners” creation, “htmlcache” field is affected to store macros data.
  12. Revive Adserver have an option to create third party ad tag code to deliver their ads through “Generic HTML Banner”. Once you create a banner through “Generic HTML Banner”, we can deliver the third party ad tag code and statistics are tracked.
  13. Once you place the required image and ccs files in revive adserver folder and point out these path to your html creative, then it will work fine. Have to place the files in below formats. Example: ads/www/admin/ assets/image ads/www/admin/ assets/css
  14. By default all of impression, clicks and conversion stats are saved in separate table. Once the maintenance running means, all the data’s are moved over this table(data_summary_ad_hourly). Here is the details: date_time – Time of event happen ad_id – Banner Id creative_id - Banner Id zone_id – event handled zone id requests – request impressions – impression for current event(Banner Id) clicks - clicks for current event(Banner Id) conversions - conversions for current event(Banner Id) total_revenue – total revenue for events happening updated – Maintenance updated time
  15. After upgraded your new revive adserver, have to replace old configuration details instead of new. This is the reason that your banners are not delivered.
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