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Beating Adblock


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Here are the things you need to do with your revive ad server to bypass the AdBlock, Ghostly and other ad blocking browser extensions.

  • Do not use a sub-domain (or folders) with anything like ads, ad, advertisements, campaign, etc. for your adserver URL. The "revive" name seems to work fine for now, but you might want to be creative as that will probably be added to the network ad filter lists (like Easylist) soon.
  • Change the delivery folder name to something else like "/www/d/" and update it in the admin for "Revive Adserver Server Access Paths"
  • Change the "Delivery File Names" (in admin and the files themselves) for the following items (be creative; not keeping to anything related to advertising keywords):
    • Ad Click
    • Ad Frame
    • Ad Log
    • Ad View
  • Include a random garbage variable in front on the 'zoneid' in the url for the Ad Frame. This will have to be done manually to your invocation code when placed on your publishing site. So change this: ".php?zoneid=" to this ".php?garbage=1&zoneid=".

Doing all this will make sure that your ads are displayed. For AdBlock, they will still block the tracking links through the "Ad log" file name because there is no way for us to include a garbage variable in front of the 'bannerid' variable which is being blocked ("?bannerid="). You can hack core, but I would advise against this, as it will make issues later when you upgrade. For now the ads will still be displayed and work, just tracking will be off for users using AdBlock.


I haven't tested this out with Google AdSense yet, just manual inventory for now.

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All of that won't work once they manually block you. Take a look at their "easy list" and search for "clubedohardware" (my website). You will find 14 references for it. They went to the trouble of blocking each individual tag we used.




I agree they can manually add you to the list, but they have to pin-point it down to an element (filename, domain and/or tag) and not just your domain. For some elements like the garbage variable I stated in my first post in the code, you can make that generate randomly via JavaScript or PHP. That way if they manually tag it, it will have to be tagged over and over again. The filename is too hard to build in a similar way. 


Overall I wouldn't go through all the trouble. If they want to block the ads they will always find a way. But Gizmo wanted to know the way to do it. You just need to put in more time to constantly change the tag elements (or have code to do it) when they update the listing. So if you don't want to put in the effort, then don't worry about it. I find that most of the users who click on ads don't have the patience or knowledge to install an ad blocker. Those that do, wouldn't click on an advertisement anyways.

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Can somebody share few tips now? Has anybody defeated AdBlock?


I change paths and filenames as well, but admit that it is largely inneffective when serving adsense through revive. Adblock can see that being done and block adsense anyway. My modifications are effective on my direct advertisers. I rename the revive directory to a single letter and subdomain, in a format like this:




I've also changed it up using common words in my websites, such as:




What I've done instead is implement an block-detector strategy instead. The problem is that some users are running noscript blockers, which is an attempt to block both ads and javascript; in either case, my site displays a randomly-placed "problem" notification (only once per day) that the user can close themselves - this strategy alone has boosted revenue.


My innvocation code is a self-modified version of the single-page call, designed to establish all of the suitable ad sizes for a page using a single media query, so that I can serve a variety of ad sizes responsively. This used to be effective towards adblock, but now has the benefit of being merely "lightweight".


In the end, there is no magic bullet, but hope this helps.

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