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  1. here is screenshot of blocked items because of zoneid
  2. OK thank you, I tried another browser, clean my browsing cache etc. The variable change makes no difference, I tried deleting it, makes no difference.
  3. I found information that the domain.com.conf.php has variables that can be changed and then the ad blocking should be avoided. However I got no reply in that thread (I could not change my post there after some time) and after changing few more variables made no difference I decided to post thread about it. The variables a stored elsewhere or something? I tried making them empty or deleting them from config file it made no difference. I'm still puzzled why nobody can point me in the right direction with such basic config stuff.
  4. Nobody knows? What good is ad server if it's blocked? I'm not actually using it for ads, so thats double as bad for me.
  5. hello, I changed the zoneId in the domain.com.conf.php file. But the generated Invocation Code does not reflect this change, I still get zoneId. What else I need to do to change the zoneId to my custom variable?
  6. I found a bug, the delete can't be activated when I use HTMl banner type and I paste my HTML javascript into it. I can PM you the code I use.
  7. "3. What are are saying makes sense about what you are doing. I am not sure what you mean by "using time expiration script to expire the banners" though. Revive Adserver's campaigns have the ability to set campaign start and end dates, so, expiration of campaigns is already handled by Revive Adserver." Instead of doing 2 campaigns, 2 zones etc. I currently use javascript to do it in my ad html code, I also handle expiration. I want to do this with revive for obvious reasons. I currently try to unblock ads in ublock perhaps you could answer that question.? https://forum.revive-adserver.com/topic/4800-ublock-origin-blocks-all-banners/
  8. When select the checkbox nothing changes, the delete is still disabled.
  9. I tried to change in my "revive/var/domain.com.conf.php" config file the zoneId=myrandomid Now UBlock does not block it, but also nothing displays, as the revive generates code with zoneid not new myrandomid variable. What i'm doing wrong here.
  10. Thank you for reply, what is "submit a PR in GitHub..."? How to submit it? Every "banner" and "expired banner" is unique combination. I think can't just have campaign full of expired banners and link them to zone. I use javascipt to show banner image1, then when mouse over show larger image 2. When expired I show banner image2 when mouse over show larger same image 2. Does this makes sense? I also use time expiration script to expire the banners. As you see putting this to the client side is not what I want. The expiration should be handled securely by the revive. Regarding the "b. Instead of having two zones for every banner (or campaign), could you just have two zones in total, and then use the various delivery rules to target where banners are displayed?" Not fully understand how this works.
  11. I found partial fix here. I changed delivery url, folder names, file names etc. After doing it the reason why blocked changes. Now see uBlock it still blocks the banners, with the it shows this ".php?zoneid" as reason why blocked.
  12. ublock origin still block banner, it shows this ".php?zoneid" as reason why blocked. Any way to change it? method above does not work.
  13. Hello, well i'm just testing the revive so far I like it. But the banners are not shown when user had UBlock origin blocks all banners. Any free way around it? I'm not going to use it for ads, but the blocking software has templates on revive scrips and blocks them.
  14. I think you going to need plugins like these http://www.reviveadservermod.com
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