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  1. I would recommend using InnoDB, as it will greatly improve the performance of your MySQL queries. Yes, you can change your database tables from MyISAM to InnoDB fairly easy. Please check hhttps://mariadb.com/kb/en/mariadb/converting-tables-from-myisam-to-innodb/ You may also want to consider using disk cache or Memcache to improve SQL queries.
  2. Make sure your database user is added to your database name and has proper ownership permission. Have you tried running the maintenance via SSH (server console) and see if the statistics then update?
  3. Are you currently using disk cache or Memcache? What problems are you experiencing?
  4. Do you have a cron job setup? Check the debug.log file and see if there are any errors.
  5. You can easily serve over 40 million impressions per month with a single dedicated server. I would recommend going for an E3 server or equivalent with at least 8 GB of memory and SSD storage. SSD is a must to make sure your MySQL database can process queries fast. Bandwidth usage depends on many factors such as if you will be hosting your own banners or using 3rd party add tags.
  6. Majority of our customers use our hardware end traffic filtering to detect and filter suspicious traffic. The device learns the interaction of the visitor with ad system and if it detects any suspicious activity it will initiate a block. This is done through the use of Cisco, WatchGuard, Corero, and RioRey. You could try looking at CloudFlare
  7. Yes, you can delete the cache files and new cache files will continue to generate. 2 GB of space is very low. You may want to consider increasing your hosting disk space slightly.
  8. Yes, Revive can connect to Memcached. You will need to have the Memcached extension installed on the server and simply enable Memcached inside Revive. Don't forget to optimize Memcached on the server to make sure you get the best possible performance.
  9. 15 GB of bandwidth in 10 days is very little. You could optimize your images by compressing them. You could check http://imageoptimizer.net/ Also you can try using CloudFlare (www.cloudflare.com) to save your bandwidth.
  10. Most likely you don't have GeoIP module installed on the server. Also double check to make sure you have the correct patch directory to the GeoIP country database.
  11. You will have to upgrade Revive on all of your installations. The replication will only replicate certain tables, not all of the tables will be replicated, so you will need to import the database over the existing database. This will preserve any existing data and make sure all installations are using the same database content.
  12. No, the publisher will not have to update their ad code.
  13. You will have to make sure that you place the ad code only on the homepage of your Joomla and not on the header or footer.
  14. Looks like your Revive Adserver is unable to connect to the MySQL database. Check your config file and make sure you have the correct MySQL database information.
  15. I do not believe there is an easy way to copy specific data over from one server to another. You would most likely have to extract that specific campaign for MySQL database and then import it back into your other server. I wouldn't advise it thought. It's best to setup the campaigns again or transfer the entire database over.
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