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  1. Hi Martin,


    1. Yes, it can, and I think XML-RPC is probably the best way to do this.


    2. I don't think so, unfortunately. The SPC functionality is only done for JavaScript.


    3. Documentation is slowly in progress! (No help now, I know, but if you have specific questions about it, ask away, and we will do what we can.)

  2. Quite possibly!


    First thing I would check is - do the Adsense banners appear in the Revive UI when you preview the banners? If that is okay, take a look at the zone probability page - do the banners have a non-zero probability? Is the sum of all probabilities for the zone 100%, or is it less (i.e. are you just happening to see blank impressions because you're only using a small part of your inventory by not including a remnant campaign?)



  3. Back in the day, when Revive Adserver was OpenX Source (around about version 2.6 I think), conversion tracking was done server side. The problem is that the storage requirements for all the data just got too large when you had more than a trivially sized installation.


    So, everything was moved to be cookie based. 


    I honestly can't see us changing things to work in a non-cookie way.


    But I suspect you probably could make calls to Revive as you have suggested - or, if all else fails, just write the appropriate data to the database!

  4. i have several of these banners.  preview works fine.  



    but when copy paste the code to my sidbar widget, nothing shows up...




    When you say "sidebar widget", it makes me think that you're pasting the invocation code into the UI of some kind of CMS (e.g. Wordpress), inside a widget for displaying things. Sometimes, those kind of CMS tools try to be nice and prevent you from putting HTML code in them, and escape all the code, so that it doesn't display correctly when you view the page.


    Have you checked the source of the page you're viewing to make sure the Revive Adserver invocation tag is appearing as it should?

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