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  1. The server has PHP 5.2.11 installed. I've sent an email asking to upgrade at least to 5.3 and to check if there is something wrong about php.ini maybe a configuration regarding includes. I'll post again when I get the response. Thanks
  2. Chinnu G, thank for your response. I think I might have information about the cause of this error. On the plugins section, I tried to install any of the plugin's zip files, and plugin-index.php throws this php error (the root path is masked with asterisks, the installation folder is ads, on the root folder): Fatal error: require_once() [function.require]: Failed opening required 'Zend/Locale/Data/Translation.php' (include_path='/**********/ads/lib/pear:/**********/ads/lib:/opt/haiti/servers/apache/share/pear/:.') in /**********/ads/lib/Zend/Locale.php on line 266 I checked and Translation.php does exist. Could it be a php.ini configuration? It's weird because /lib is listed on include_path Any clues? Again, thank you for the time you spend helping me
  3. Oh sorry, I didn't understood. So you receive the warnings? Are you installing on the browser or another way? Just in case: this is my step-by-step description of my installation process, I don't know it keeps failing?
  4. Hi Yes, I've checked the folder permissions. I have re-installed today, and take note of all the steps: First I've downloaded the tar.gz version from this website, decompressed the file on a local folder (I'm running Win7 x64, using 7-Zip). Then uploaded all the files and directories using FileZilla. Once uploaded, Open the browser and go to the URL where the uploaded files are. This redirects me to the installation, and this are the steps: 1. Welcome -- install.php?action=welcome This screen has only terms and conditions After pressing the "agree" button, a popup shows with the text "Checking system parameters". I suppose this is where the folder permissions are checked? It doesn't mention the permissions/chmod requirements. 2. Database -- install.php?action=database Only a form where I input all the database settings. At this moment, before continuing, I switch to FileZilla and do chmod (777) to all the folders (and sub-folders) Then go to next step, a popup says "Installing database" 3. Configuration -- install.php?action=configuration This is where I enter the username/password for the admin, timezone, etc. Next a popup says "Configuring Revive adserver", then the text changes to "Installing Revive Adserver Plugin: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx", each plugin installation ends with a "failed installation" status. 4. Finish On this screen, there is a warning regarding the failed installation plugins. It tells something about write permissions, but again, I've double checked the folder permissions (refreshed the directory listing on FileZilla, and the 777 are there). If I login I can use the admin panel. I add a advertiser > campaign > banner, then a website > zone. So when I go to the invocation code for a zone, nothing appears more than a "Please choose the type of banner invocation" text, and a select box with no options. I don't know if this issue is related to the installation errors. So my questions are: 1- Where should appear the instruction about required folder permissions? 2- Why the plugin installation fails? 3- The plugins that are supposed to get installed at this moment are bundled with Revive inside the tar.gz and ready to install? 4- Does Revive need those plugins to work well (the basic functionality to show a banner on a website). 5- Is the empty select on the zone's invocation code issue related to the installation problems? Thank You!
  5. It nevers prompts me to change folder permissions, also there is no step where a list of the folders is presented. I'll try to install again so I can give you more details. Thank you!
  6. I've changed the permissions, but the plugin installation still fails (I've asked about this on a separate post). About the fact that the installation doesn't tell what folders should be set to 777, do you have the same issue, or is it happening only to me or my server? Thank You for your quick response!
  7. Hi On the last step of the installation, every plugin installation fails, then the result is this large list of errors. Details on the install.log file are: As I mentioned on another post, the installation didn't give instructions on folder permissions, but I changed some folders to 777 (details on my other post) but that didn't help. Does someone know what am I doing wrong? Thank You!
  8. The documentation on the support page says: Well, the installation proccess for the current version (3.0.0) doesn't tell you that. At least on my server it didn't. So this is the list of folders on which you have to set the permissions to 777: openx_new/plugins openx_new/var openx_new/www/admin/plugins I hope this helps, and sorry for my english So, anyone knows which of those folders should be changed back to 755 after installation?
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