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  1. Can anyone advise what I need to do to get a (new) plugin to attach itself to an existing controller? I have a plugin that adds a new table, and I want to have the data included in the Admin statistics reports for Advertisers & Campaigns. So far I have a "demo" that works by changing stats.php and adding the plugin directly to OA_Admin_Statistics_Delivery_Controller_GlobalAdvertiser // Prepare the stats controller, and populate with the stats $oStatsController = &OA_Admin_Statistics_Factory::getController ( $entity . "-" . $breakdown, $aParams ); require_once MAX_PATH . '/plugins/de
  2. Hey, recently I've set up a WordPress website and have set up Revive Adserver successfully alongside WordPress. The issue I'm having is that I have two banners that are causing a javascript conflict in the rotation, they are both Lexus ads, one being a strip ad and one being a block ad. Only those Lexus ads cause this javascript error when they load, if the page loads with a different ad. The site works fine (otherwise the plugin Redux Framework breaks and the images don't load). So my question is - what would the difference in these two banners be that one of them causes an error and the rest
  3. I think it would be great to add retina support. I think this could be done using a plugin rather than written into core? Perhaps we can start a discussion about developing it here if people are interested? I guess that the plugins already have access to the viewport information since some of this is available to the Delivery Limitations Plugin. Then you'd need to scale a copy of the image when the user uploads a double-resolution image producing two copies, one with @2x appended to the basename. Then when a request comes in the server would check the viewport (fallback?) and serve the
  4. Hi folks, I am using Revive as part of an RTB bidding platform. There are a ton of querystring variables that I want to pass through to the click and log URLs that are passed into the adjs call. When I add a new variable, so the URL is something like: http://localhost/revive/delivery/ajs.php?zoneid=1&cb=52153050782&foo=bar The resulting javascript, which initiates the click and log URL's, does not contain foo=bar. I set about creating a plugin to allow this. +1 for an example plugin for every available hook! +1 for additional documentation! (I realize the
  5. Revive Adserver Signup / Registration plugin released. Enables administrators to create Advertisers and Publisher accounts in one step. Also, if enabled, permits users to access the self-signup registration page/s. Includes optional default advertiser Campaign creation. Optionally auto-create paired publisher/user account with advertiser/user account. One-click installAdvertiser creation by admin and/or self-service.Publisher creation by admin and/or self-service.Optionally create default advertiser campaignOptionally auto-create matching publisher account on advertiser creationOpen sourceInst
  6. Hi, I'm trying to build a little plugin to add some addLayer styles. (I'd like to do this to just have the zip to send after each revive upgrade, and better understanding revive-adserver plugins system) Here is my files node inside the xml <install> <files> <file path="{MODULEPATH}invocationTags/oxInvocationTags/layerstyles/phsite/">invocation.inc.php</file> <file path="{MODULEPATH}invocationTags/oxInvocationTags/layerstyles/phsite/">layerstyle.inc.php</file> <file path="{MODULEPATH}invocationTags/oxInvocationTags/layerstyle
  7. Hi, It seems that currently MaxMind GeoIP Plugin (v1.3.3) supports lookup only for IPv4 addresses. Has anyone modified it to work also with IPv6 -addresses (since they're coming more common all the time)?
  8. In relation to recent posts with regard to available plugins for Revive Adserver. Please note the use of the word "PLUGIN"! A real plugin will use Revive's plugin process and will *never* request you to update files manually, and *never* copy over existing core Revive files, and *never* in any way mess with the Revive installation, except using the standard INSTALL and UPDATE procedures or the existing plugin process. As far as I'm aware, there are only two (2) sites where true plugins for Revive are available. One is Matteo and Erik's at http://www.adserverplugins.com/ and the other is (full
  9. There appear to be a few people providing plugins for Revive. However, it's not often clear which people / company are still extant (operational) and which are even compatible with the latest released version/s. I do NOT mean for development related posts, I mean a forum which is dedicated to resources information. Might I suggest the creation of a new forum which is explicitly ONLY for posting of links to the websites of active Revive developers and similar services? At the moment, the list would seem to include the following for Plugins: http://www.adserverplugins.com/ http:/
  10. A new potential client is looking for an option for a zone to load all linked banners. so, for a zone which is 200x100, with 7 banner in it, they would like to call one zone, and have all banners load inside of there. If there are 5 banners, then load all 5. So on an so forth. I do not see this as an available option, and do not think that this is a very typical request. Another potential option is an api call to obtain the number of ads in this zone, and call the jquery/iframe that number of times. Am open to various options.
  11. I'm looking for a way to make an external call during plugin installation/setup which *includes* processing a user prompt response. What I have so far is a javascript dialogue box prompt to the user, (which is fine). The problem I have is getting that value back to the plugin installation process (within the php preinstallscript), so that the value can be inserted into the configuration settings file. Like this during install: user prompt -> value -> plugin_settings_config. Perhaps I'm making this more complicated than it needs to be, but it seems to me an awkward handover, betwe
  12. I have been trying to learn how openx and now revive ad-server plugin works so that i can develope a plugin for revive ad server. I have developed a new plugin for Openx or revive but i am having some issues with revive plugin. The plugin installs and creates new tables just fine. However, when an admin is logged in, and then the admin clicks on a link to this address revive/www/admin/plugins/mynewplugin/mynewplugin-index.php The result is a white page. If i move the mynewplugin-index.php contents to the this address revive/www/admin/plugins/mynewplugin-index.php, the page loads just
  13. This is NOT a rant against Revive. Revive has what appears to be a solid, well tested, codebase which people can extend using a clean plugin interface. I am talking here about available plugins for common, and lacking, functionality in the core. Simply, I'm trying to extend a Revive installation to handle advertiser billing, and advertiser/publisher registration, and publisher revenue share, and so forth. You'd think this would be easy with an ADs server. I've now tried 3 different plugin providers (the only ones I can find which offer any kind of plugins to do the job). I'm NOT going to n
  14. Note: When we perform fresh installation 3.1.0 (haven't tried 3.0.6, but I assume it won't change the result) it DOES work, but we can't install it on our current version. We are running 3.0.6 When we are trying to install openXDeveloperToolbox we are getting on screen message Dependency failure: oxPlugin depends on oxToolbox but oxToolbox is not installed Task failed _checkDependenciesForInstallOrEnable Failed to install oxPlugin Failed to install plugins for package openXDeveloperToolbox And in debug.log Mar 17 21:28:01 +0000 OX-plugins-55089c61a0c30 [ info] starting _ch
  15. I am trying to figure out how to configure ads to be filtered via category or keyword. I'm not having much luck in seeing anything except a highly expensive plugin for this, what I expected to be, fairly standard functionality. Perhaps I'm missing something obvious, or is there an open source plugin (or config) which would provide for matching categorization of advertisers/websites. Thanks in advance for any helpful hints. ps. I'm a new user, so please be kind
  16. Dear all, I am new to Revive, and looking for way to integrate Revive with other ads exchange that we are working with. I saw the Googe Adsense example, and it was too simplistic Does anyone have a plugin module to connect to Smaato, Inmobi ads exchange? Or anyone can help with custom development of such module? Thanks and best regards, Crassia
  17. Hi. I need to secure data, sended in a "Site - Variable" targeting channel. I'm using this code to hide data in request define("ENCRYPTION_KEY", "!@32%^&*"); $string = "var1=one;var2=somedata;var3=anotherdata;othervar=youknow;foo=bar;"; $encrypted = urlencode(base64_encode(mcrypt_ecb(MCRYPT_DES, ENCRYPTION_KEY, $string, MCRYPT_ENCRYPT))); $decrypted = mcrypt_ecb(MCRYPT_DES, ENCRYPTION_KEY, base64_decode(urldecode($encrypted)), MCRYPT_DECRYPT); printf("String: %s <br/> Salt: %s, <br/> Encrypted: %s <br/> Decrypted: %s", $string, ENCRYPTION_KEY, $encryp
  18. We have a need to use the new Rising Stars format ads and we found a plugin from openxmods.com http://www.openxmods.com/openxmods/iab-rising-stars-ad-formats/prod_1452.html We cannot find any reviews or if anyone has had any experience with this plugin or this company or if it even works with revive 3.0.2 Has anyone had any experience with openxmods.com or this particular plugin any feedback would be wonderful.
  19. Hi On the last step of the installation, every plugin installation fails, then the result is this large list of errors. Details on the install.log file are: As I mentioned on another post, the installation didn't give instructions on folder permissions, but I changed some folders to 777 (details on my other post) but that didn't help. Does someone know what am I doing wrong? Thank You!
  20. Hello Revivers, I have an OX ad server (v2.8.9) I create at work and it's running ads for multiple sites (all our branded sites - 5-6 total). One of the sites is a Wordpress site using a OpenX-WP Widget plugin. Before I upgrade the server to Revive 3.0.0, does anyone know if the calls made by the OpenX-WP plug-in will still function with the revive 3.0.0 upgrade? Here is a link to the WP plugin page: http://wordpress.org/plugins/openx-wordpress-widget/ If not, can anyone point me in a direction for a Wordpress Revive plugin? Ideally something that is asyncronous, since the current
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