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Found 21 results

  1. Followed installation instructions. Getting 'connection timed out' error. Tried to install in the location recommended by the revive installation guide. www.adserver.<<mysite>>.com/live uploaded 3.2.4 and unzipped it there. Nothing kicks in. Is there smth that I really need to do beyond following the notes? I do have php 5, mysql db was created, access granted, all extensions are installed. What am I missing? Appreciate any help, Gene
  2. Fresh installed 3.1.0. No plugins auto-installed. Managed to install Geo manually, but they should all have been auto-installed. plugin directory empty. Env: XAMPP/Win7
  3. Hello All, In a separate thread (which received no responses) I detailed a specific issue I'm having with installation. Essentially, no matter what I do, only two tables will be written to the MySQL database for Revive Adserver and I get a simple error message telling me "Installation failed to create the core tables." I've, frankly, given up on the installer script. Does anyone know of a workaround to somehow manually "install" the tables in the database without using the script installer? Any tips would be welcome. Maybe some kind of MySQL dump from another server, etc? Just lookin
  4. Hello, I am trying to install Revive Adserver 3.2.2: I did exactly like mentionned : Created a database on my Cpanel VPS Launch the install from the folder and agree to terms. Then comes the database data. I tripled checked that the data was correct, then click, then back to the same form, and again and again. Var folder is 777, don't know what to do more... Tried various browsers, same issue. Server is WHM/CPanel VPS with Apache 2.4.8 and PHP 5.6. MariaDB 10.0.23 Any help would be appreciated Stephanie
  5. Hello, i try to install Revive adserver ( a lot of times), the installation works fine, the database is installed, but when I try to login, it says to me that my login or password is not reconize, when I look in the database, the rv_account is empty, can you help me please? Elisabeth
  6. Hi team, I want to set up revive adserver where database is hosted in another machine. Created mysql database with user and granted all the privileges to the user . Also created a database by name 'revive_3'. Though I specify the correct details ( database name, username, password, database host ), on trying to connect to database during web installation set up of Revive, am seeing the following error. MDB2 Error: connect failed connect: [Error message: Can't connect to MySQL server [Native code: 2003] [Native message: Can't connect to MySQL server Note that php-mysql lib are instal
  7. Hi team, I want to have two revive adservers pointing to single database. Load balancer will run on top of these ad servers and IP of load balance will be my end point and images will be stored in shared folder of CDN. I installed mysql server in machine A. Installed revive ad server in machine B by connecting to database in the machine A. When I try to install the revive ad server in the machine C with the same database name, database user and database password, the following error is seen. Your database contains an old OpenX configuration table: rv_preferences. If you are trying to up
  8. I am trying to install Revive, but am caught in a loop. Step 1 is fine. Step 2 creates the problem. After entering the database details and hitting on continue I see the message "Installing database". And that's it. It goes back to Step 1 (Welcome). I am not sure what I am doing wront. FYI, I have used both phpAdsNew and OpenX earlier. Thanks. Subir
  9. 1. In the main screen of Revive-AdServer instalation: https://mi.dominio.com/adserver/www/admin/install.php?action=welcome After that I click on “I Agree” Button: Strict Standards: Non-static method Log::singleton() should not be called statically in /usr/share/nginx/html/adserver/lib/OA.php on line 147 Strict Standards: Non-static method PEAR::isError() should not be called statically in /usr/share/nginx/html/adserver/lib/OA.php on line 149 Debugging: [root@lnxc6-apps adserver]# tail -F /var/log/nginx/nagiostest.naranya.net_access 187.162.X.X - - [04/Nov/2015:16:42:20 -0600] "-" 408 0 "-"
  10. I had been trying repeatedly to upgrade to 3.2.2 from 3.2.0. Everything was in order concerning configuration and permissions but every time I got to "Step 2. Administrator Login" and entered the username and password I would be redirected to the current, live version of Revive and the upgrade could not proceed. I thought maybe it had something to do with skipping 3.2.1 so I thought I would try and upgrade to 3.2.0 first and it worked flawlessly. But when I tried to perform the upgrade from 3.2.1 to 3.2.2 I encountered the same redirect problem as above. I've performed dozens of OpenX and Rev
  11. I have never used revive before. I downloaded 3.2.1 and followed the steps at http://www.revive-adserver.com/support/installation/. At first I couldn't get past the welcome screen. Debugging the wizard I found that in the database step it did not recognize that the "welcome" step was marked as completed, even though it ran markStepAsCompleted for the welcome step. I just hard-coded the check to return true and moved on. After entering the database information, it reported that I don't need to upgrade because everything is up to date, and exited out of the installation wizard. Now it tries to a
  12. The documentation on the support page says: Well, the installation proccess for the current version (3.0.0) doesn't tell you that. At least on my server it didn't. So this is the list of folders on which you have to set the permissions to 777: openx_new/plugins openx_new/var openx_new/www/admin/plugins I hope this helps, and sorry for my english So, anyone knows which of those folders should be changed back to 755 after installation?
  13. Can anybody help me cause i cant get touch to support. I made a campaign everything seems ok. I deleted old ad code out from appearance----editor----.php I replace it with this new code what i got from system. Now there is still after 2 hours those old ads. This is really weird. I checked 3 times that there is new code, and there is, and they should be totally different campaign... What is wrong,? Thanks Ilja Janitskin Barcelona
  14. Hi All, I am using version 3.2.0 and it works perfect for my websites. Yesterday I wanted to upgrade to 3.2.1 version. I performed all the steps mentioned in the upgrade documentation. Everything during upgrade process was going fine until the page came for confirmation of recent directory of revive adserver. The document mentioned that the text field there will be autofilled by the version directory, but it was empty. I tried by entering Server, /Server and domain/Server but it did not work and the upgradation was complete without any plugins installed. So, in my 3.2.1 , there
  15. We are trying to install the Revive Adserver, but we can only see debug output: http://adserver.ahealthylife.nl/ How to fix this?
  16. Hey there... First i would like to congratulate you People for the continuing of the Project as open source and free!!! Thank you!!! You're the best!!! I've been using it some years ago and it was the best! Last 3 years i didn't Need a similar thng so i disabled it and as i wanted to rebuild such a platform. So i tried to install it by the book... Installation with the Chmod permissions went right and the databases also worked but for some reason the System isn't asking me to create a "Master" user... So i get an clean Installation without any user to Login =D The databease seems e
  17. hi! quick question, in the installation manual it mentions after installation, I will be prompted to change file permissions for a list of folders, but I was never given that instruction during installation. anyone have a list of what folders those are for 3.0.5? Thank you
  18. Hi All, I am new to the Revive AdServer, my goal is to set-up an end-to-end demo, where I set up a campaign with its asset and basic delivery info, generate an ad call to the server and receive response with an ad in it. I have been looking for any documentation that can help me with that. The Revive site has good documentation for installation and basic concepts of an ad server, but what I saw did not help me to get fully operation and have a demo in place. I am reaching out to the community to see of anyone can help, either pointing me to some material or sharing some of their e
  19. I am a old OpenX user, and my OpenX stopped working. I need a expert in CentOS and Revive to help me doing a fresh install, and configure 2 banner exchange accounts in Revive and generate the code on our dedicated server. We use DirectAdmin so if you have knowledge of that it's good. After that is done I need more help with Revive setups. Looking forward to you experts sending me a PM about price and time or any questions. Server details: CentOS release 6.5 (Final) Linux 2.6.32-431.17.1.el6.x86_64 #1, x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux
  20. I am on my second attempt to properly install 3.0.4 today, May 13, 2014. None of the screens in the installation process presented any instructions for changing any directory permissions, as described in the online installation instructions (http://www.revive-adserver.com/support/installation/), quoted here: It appears that several users have encountered the same or similar issues, which have not been fully addressed, in this thread: http://forum.revive-adserver.com/topic/12-folder-permissions-300/?hl=%2Binstall+%2Bpermissions#entry89 Also in that thread, Chinnu G lists t
  21. Hi, I tried to install revive on my brand new server (wheezy, Apache/2.2.22 (Debian), PHP Version 5.4.4-14+deb7u7) but I always run into the same error: At step 3 an error message says: Your Revive Adserver installation is complete. Please check the highlighted issues. An error occurred when performing installation tasks. Please check the error list and install log at '/var/www/www.cleanenergy-project.de/htdocs/asv/var/install.log' for details. You will still be able to login to your Revive Adserver instance. Detailed list of errors found Installation of plugin 'openXVideoAds'
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