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Found 2 results

  1. The documentation on the support page says: Well, the installation proccess for the current version (3.0.0) doesn't tell you that. At least on my server it didn't. So this is the list of folders on which you have to set the permissions to 777: openx_new/plugins openx_new/var openx_new/www/admin/plugins I hope this helps, and sorry for my english So, anyone knows which of those folders should be changed back to 755 after installation?
  2. Hi, first of all, thanks for providing Revive as a open source. I was using OpenX for a long time, and there is one thing I had in OpenX and also now in Revive. There is some kind of cache in administration? Serving cached files in administration, and I can not find any setting that will allow me to disable it. Normaly, cache is ok, but in administration few problems occurs: -When I log in, after I open one or two urls inside admin, it is showing me log in page again. But if I hit refresh, there is no need to log in again cause I am already logged in. Just a cache. -Log in is not major problem for me. Biggest problem is when I am adding new banner. Boy, that was hell in OpenX, I see it is a little better in revival but still it is caching pages. So when I click for example to add new banner, all forms clears, and there is no sign that anything happened. And in some cases nothing happened in fact, so I need to go again and again, and several attempts later I see green message on top that something changed. Same thing go also for adding clients, zones, campaigns.. Everything. I will be extremly happy if someone show me the way to prevent showing cached pages in admin, because what ever I want to do, I need to do it several times. Also, is there a list of CHMOD for files and folders. Which one should I leave on 777 after instalation?
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