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  1. In this way I have to set limitation for each banner. And the question is what limitation should I use? I think you did not get the question. I dont want any website to use codes generated for other websites!!! The only possible way for that is to check the referer of site. There should be a more general setting than banner settings
  2. Hi. In revive statistics are updated every hour. If that is true, is there any way for faster statistic update?
  3. Hi In Revive Adserver is there any way to check site "referer"? I mean a code for website "A" should not work on website "B". Is there any way for this config? By the way, I have tested "Targeting Channels" by adding referer check, but no success.
  4. problem solved. answer is here and here.
  5. Hi Everybody! I am working with Revive Adserver with XML_RPC API. The problem is that I can not call AddBanner with an image file attached. I Used this part of code : $data = array( 'phpads55deb65dd5ca45.43027895', 'aImage' => array( 'filename' => $file['aImage']['name'], 'content' => file_get_contents($file['aImage']['tmp_name']), ), 'campaignId' => 1, 'storageType' => 'web' ); $this->client = new Client('http://example.com/api/v2/xmlrpc/'); $this->client->call('ox.addBanner', $data);It sends this Error XML error: Invalid character at line 2I made a question at stackoverflow too. Should I use any encoding? I used base64 but didnt work!
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