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Found 3 results

  1. Within the /www/delivery/ directory, I note the following files: core.13871 248,520,704 12/13/2015 -rw------- core.17991 247,996,416 12/24/2015 -rw------- core.2044 248,246,272 11/12/2015 -rw------- core.24385 249,286,656 01/09/2016 -rw------- core.27415 248,008,704 07/18/2015 -rw------- core.31189 247,980,032 08/10/2015 -rw-------What are these? More to the point, do I need them? If so, do I need all of them, or only the most recent one? If not, may I delete them? Thank you. Eliz.
  2. Hi Everybody! I am working with Revive Adserver with XML_RPC API. The problem is that I can not call AddBanner with an image file attached. I Used this part of code : $data = array( 'phpads55deb65dd5ca45.43027895', 'aImage' => array( 'filename' => $file['aImage']['name'], 'content' => file_get_contents($file['aImage']['tmp_name']), ), 'campaignId' => 1, 'storageType' => 'web' ); $this->client = new Client('http://example.com/api/v2/xmlrpc/'); $this->client->call('ox.addBanner', $data);It sends this Error XML error: Invalid character at line 2I made a question at stackoverflow too. Should I use any encoding? I used base64 but didnt work!
  3. hi! quick question, in the installation manual it mentions after installation, I will be prompted to change file permissions for a list of folders, but I was never given that instruction during installation. anyone have a list of what folders those are for 3.0.5? Thank you
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