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Found 7 results

  1. Hello, I am installing a Kunena forum, and I need to insert in the first and fifth post an ad. I got this piece of code to hack: <?php if ($this->message->replynum == 1 || $this->message->replynum == 5 || $this->message->id == $this->topic->last_post_id) : echo KunenaHtmlParser::parseBBCode ($this->message->message, $this).'<p>THEADGOESHERE</p>'; else : echo KunenaHtmlParser::parseBBCode ($this->message->message, $this); endif; ?> How can I place an ad inside php? Can I put JavaScript or iFrame? Thanks for your help!!
  2. I'm using a third-party tag/script to display ads on my website. Now the ad network that I'm using is saying that I have a 30% fill rate, but right now I have no way of knowing if this is true other than relying on their numbers. Is it possible to have Revive check if the ad filled?
  3. Hello, I want to show the advertising on a queue, because i want to show on a TV ADS, like this: It's possible with revive adserver?
  4. Hi In Revive Adserver is there any way to check site "referer"? I mean a code for website "A" should not work on website "B". Is there any way for this config? By the way, I have tested "Targeting Channels" by adding referer check, but no success.
  5. hello, In Inventory/video ads- player info there is a download button for "Download the appropriate plugin for your video player": flowplayer, jwplayer, custom. What these plugins are for, because if I create a in line video banner, I can get the vast xml without these plugins. For instance, the custom plugin is called: openvideoads.vast.as3.tar What I do with this file? It is not a plugin for revive server, or it is? If yes how can I install it? thank you!
  6. Dear all, I am new to Revive, and looking for way to integrate Revive with other ads exchange that we are working with. I saw the Googe Adsense example, and it was too simplistic Does anyone have a plugin module to connect to Smaato, Inmobi ads exchange? Or anyone can help with custom development of such module? Thanks and best regards, Crassia
  7. Just downloaded and installed revive-adserver. But my Coder was not able to find how to manage XML feed Ads - I don't know if we hv this feature !!! Can Anyone help - guide Please?
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