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  1. Did this work in 5.0.4, but now is broken in 5.0.5? Because it kinda looked like things were going okay earlier in 2020...?
  2. I think there was a "solution" that didn't work, then then they did another solution that *did* work... if I'm understanding things correctly, and I could certainly be wrong. Here's the (possible) solution to the Google-Chrome-SameSite,issue:
  3. Dang. When I saw your subject line in response to my search, I was hopeful of an answer, and possibly even a solution. I guess not, huh? If I figure anything out (a big "if", as I'm not that bright sometimes), I'll try to remember to post a follow-up here. ============================== Edit: Is this (below) maybe the answer we're looking for...?
  4. Yes, I did. I've tried using US ZIP codes for the city in Florida, but still no joy. Also, there is only a *.lock file for the Cities database. Should I create ones for the ASN and Country databases, as well? Thank you! Eliz.
  5. When I had no targeting rules for the banners, the ads did serve, according to the displayed statistics. With the targeting rules in place, nothing has served. Unfortunately, I can find next to no information on "correctly" setting up the targeting. (For instance, I had to figure out for myself that a longitude of "80 degrees W" should be formatted as "-80".) I am using Revive 5.0.4. I had to figure out how to install the MaxMind geo-targeting myself, since it did not install automatically. (There was nothing in the /var/plugins/rvMaxMindGeoIP2/ directory but a "*.lock" file.) According to the GitHub repository, the "plugins_repo" folder is specifically related to the MaxMind geo-targeting. Update: I have also tried using ZIP codes for the particular area, using "OR" connectors, and still no joy. Thank you! Eliz.
  6. I've upgraded to version 5.0.4, and am attempting to use geo-targeting. I'm trying to use longitude and latitude for the targeting. I'm pretty sure I have set up the MaxMind ASN, City, and Country databases correctly (Revive shows the geo-targeting options as available.) However, using a proxy server, I cannot seem to get the geo-targeted ad to display, so I'm wondering if I actually have things set up correctly. When I look at GitHub and at various forum posts, I see that geo-targeting might need the "plugins_repo" directory. My installation doesn't have this. Advice? Thank you! Eliz.
  7. The problem turned out to be that my server host hadn't actually updated PHP from version 5-point-somthing, despite my request that they do so (and assurances that they had). When Revive did the update (via cPanel's Softaculous), it asked if it could update the version of PHP but, though I'd said "yes", the update didn't apparently go through. The solution was to do the update myself. Thank you! Eliz.
  8. When I log into my Revive dashboard, I can check the various advertiser accounts that have been set up. When I do so, I am able to view the linked zones and any delivery limitations. Today, I logged into a new advertiser account (on v4.2.1), and realized that the advertiser does not have access to this information. Is this how the client accounts are supposed to be, or have I messed something up? Thank you! Eliz.
  9. Since updating my installation recently, I've been seeing error messages. According to the current installation (while in "Admin" mode): You are currently using Revive Adserver v4.2.1 running on Apache 2.4.39, PHP 7.0.33 and MySQL 5.6.44-. When I open an "inventory" account (in "manager" mode), I see the following message: MESSAGE: Declaration of OA_Admin_UI_Rule_Min::validate($value, $min) should be compatible with HTML_QuickForm_Rule::validate($value) TYPE: Warning FILE: /home/purple04/public_html/mathads/lib/OA/Admin/UI/component/rule/Min.php LINE: 41 DEBUG INFO: 36 function getValidationScript($options = null) 37 { 38 return array('', ""); //return nothing, we use JQuery validate anyway 39 } 40 41 } 42 ?> 43 44 45 46 According to the debug log (with the domain's server account being anonymized as "domain"): RV-5d4db179922a2 [ warning] Declaration of OA_Admin_UI_Rule_Min::validate($value, $min) should be compatible with HTML_QuickForm_Rule::validate($value) on line 113 of "/home/domain/public_html/adserver/lib/max/ErrorHandler.php" on line 125 of "/home/domain/public_html/adserver/lib/pear/HTML/QuickForm/RuleRegistry.php" on line 125 of "/home/domain/public_html/adserver/lib/pear/HTML/QuickForm/RuleRegistry.php" on line 174 of "/home/domain/public_html/adserver/lib/pear/HTML/QuickForm/RuleRegistry.php" on line 1797 of "/home/domain/public_html/adserver/lib/pear/HTML/QuickForm.php" on line 194 of "/home/domain/public_html/adserver/lib/pear/HTML/QuickForm/Renderer/Array.php" on line 40 of "/home/domain/public_html/adserver/lib/OA/Admin/UI/component/ArrayRenderer.php" on line 1675 of "/home/domain/public_html/adserver/lib/pear/HTML/QuickForm.php" on line 300 of "/home/domain/public_html/adserver/lib/OA/Admin/UI/component/Form.php" on line 307 of "/home/domain/public_html/adserver/lib/OA/Admin/UI/component/Form.php" on line 245 of "/home/domain/public_html/adserver/www/admin/advertiser-edit.php" on line 88 of "/home/domain/public_html/adserver/www/admin/advertiser-edit.php" The lines in the "warning" are always the same, but they're not occurring continuously, so not every ad impression is generating errors... I think... Any ideas? I don't know if it matters, but I did the update via cPanel's "Softaculous" utility. And ads are indeed being served and logged. Thank you! Eliz. Edit: In poking around GitHub, I see that many files were updated "14 days ago". Does this mean there is a newer version of Revive? https://github.com/revive-adserver/revive-adserver
  10. Okay. Interesting. How would uploading (and thus overwriting) only the updated files cause all the statistics to disappear, and no new statistics to be collected? Thank you! Eliz.
  11. I know that the proper process for updating a Revive Adserver installation is NOT merely to upload whatever are the files with more-recent "save" dates. But why will this not work? (I understand that this is probably a painfully stupid question, but I'm... well... not always terribly bright.) Thank you! Eliz.
  12. I may have found a fix, and it involves editing the "async.js" file. I am NOT a coder, so USE AT YOUR OWN RISK! In the "development" folder at the github page for Revive, the "www/delivery_dev/async.js" file contains the following: 74 /** 75 * The start event handler. Delivery can be prevented by setting e.detail.start = false. 76 * 77 * @param {CustomEvent} e 78 */ 79 start: function (e) 80 { 81 if (e.detail && e.detail.hasOwnProperty('start') && !e.detail.start) { 82 return; 83 } 84 85 rv.removeEventListener('start', rv.start); 86 87 rv.dispatchEvent('refresh'); 88 }, I took the comment to heart, and decided to copy my Javascript (which was functioning correctly in reading the GDPR cookie value) into the "async.js" file. Note: In the actual "async.js" file, everything is in one line, rather than nicely broken up so as to be easily read. For testing, I first inserted my coding without stripping all of the empty spaces, line returns, etc. So my new "start: function (e)" looks like this: start:function(g){ // Begin my custom coding for reading the cookie value var CB_value, CB_consent, cb2ox; if (document.cookie.split(';').filter(function(item){return item.indexOf('CookieConsent=') >= 0}).length){ function getCBval(cname) { var name = cname + "="; var decodedCookie = decodeURIComponent(document.cookie); var ca = decodedCookie.split(';'); for(var i = 0; i <ca.length; i++) { var c = ca; while (c.charAt(0) == ' ') { c = c.substring(1); } if (c.indexOf(name) == 0) { return c.substring(name.length, c.length); } } } var CBval = getCBval("CookieConsent"); if (CBval == '0'){ CB_value = 0; CB_consent = false; } else{ CB_split = CBval.split(","); CB_array = new Array(); for(i=0;i<=5;i++){ CB_array = CB_split; } CB_value = CB_array[4]; if (CB_value == "marketing:true"){ CB_consent = true; } else{ CB_consent = false; } } } else{ CB_consent = false; } cb2ox = CB_consent.toString(); // End of my custom coding for reading the cookie value // Added "or cb2ox = 'false'" to "if" statement // "if" was "(g.detail&&g.detail.hasOwnProperty("start")&&!g.detail.start)" // I added an extra set of parentheses around the "if" condition // Then I added "||(cb2ox=="false")" inside the "if" condition, after the original condition if((g.detail&&g.detail.hasOwnProperty("start")&&!g.detail.start)||(cb2ox=="false")){ return } f.removeEventListener("start",f.start); f.dispatchEvent("refresh") }, In the above, I've included comments delineating my cookie coding, and also the addition in the "if" statement. I have tested the above script in each of Firefox and Internet Explorer, and it appears to work. My cookie script determines if the current website visitor has selected "true" or "false" for accepting "marketing" cookies (this information being available in the "CookieConsent" cookie). If the user has elected NOT to accept marketing cookies (so ads should not display, and the "cb2ox" variable reads "false") or if the user is seeing the GDPR screen for the first time (so GDPR regs require that no cookies be set - yet), then nothing is displayed for any of my Revive "zones". Phew! Eliz.
  13. I realize that your post is nearly a year old, but would you be able to clarify what you did? For instance, my "db_schema.ini" file looks pretty vanilla, with the "zones" section containing this: [zones] zoneid = 129 affiliateid = 1 zonename = 130 description = 130 delivery = 129 zonetype = 129 category = 162 width = 129 height = 129 ad_selection = 162 chain = 162 prepend = 162 append = 162 appendtype = 129 forceappend = 2 inventory_forecast_type = 129 comments = 34 cost = 1 cost_type = 1 cost_variable_id = 2 technology_cost = 1 technology_cost_type = 1 updated = 142 block = 129 capping = 129 session_capping = 129 what = 162 rate = 1 pricing = 130 oac_category_id = 1 ext_adselection = 2 show_capped_no_cookie = 129 I see nothing that might be particular to my installation, and I have no idea what is the "meaning" of "newZoneField = 2", and would appreciate clarification, as it may assist in an issue I'm facing. Thank you! Eliz.
  14. andrewatfornax: Is there any ETA on this documentation yet? Thank you!
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