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  1. I may have found a fix, and it involves editing the "async.js" file. I am NOT a coder, so USE AT YOUR OWN RISK! In the "development" folder at the github page for Revive, the "www/delivery_dev/async.js" file contains the following: 74 /** 75 * The start event handler. Delivery can be prevented by setting e.detail.start = false. 76 * 77 * @param {CustomEvent} e 78 */ 79 start: function (e) 80 { 81 if (e.detail && e.detail.hasOwnProperty('start') && !e.detail.start) { 82 return; 83 } 84 85 rv.removeEventListener('start', rv.start); 86 87 rv.dispatchEvent('refresh'); 88 }, I took the comment to heart, and decided to copy my Javascript (which was functioning correctly in reading the GDPR cookie value) into the "async.js" file. Note: In the actual "async.js" file, everything is in one line, rather than nicely broken up so as to be easily read. For testing, I first inserted my coding without stripping all of the empty spaces, line returns, etc. So my new "start: function (e)" looks like this: start:function(g){ // Begin my custom coding for reading the cookie value var CB_value, CB_consent, cb2ox; if (document.cookie.split(';').filter(function(item){return item.indexOf('CookieConsent=') >= 0}).length){ function getCBval(cname) { var name = cname + "="; var decodedCookie = decodeURIComponent(document.cookie); var ca = decodedCookie.split(';'); for(var i = 0; i <ca.length; i++) { var c = ca; while (c.charAt(0) == ' ') { c = c.substring(1); } if (c.indexOf(name) == 0) { return c.substring(name.length, c.length); } } } var CBval = getCBval("CookieConsent"); if (CBval == '0'){ CB_value = 0; CB_consent = false; } else{ CB_split = CBval.split(","); CB_array = new Array(); for(i=0;i<=5;i++){ CB_array = CB_split; } CB_value = CB_array[4]; if (CB_value == "marketing:true"){ CB_consent = true; } else{ CB_consent = false; } } } else{ CB_consent = false; } cb2ox = CB_consent.toString(); // End of my custom coding for reading the cookie value // Added "or cb2ox = 'false'" to "if" statement // "if" was "(g.detail&&g.detail.hasOwnProperty("start")&&!g.detail.start)" // I added an extra set of parentheses around the "if" condition // Then I added "||(cb2ox=="false")" inside the "if" condition, after the original condition if((g.detail&&g.detail.hasOwnProperty("start")&&!g.detail.start)||(cb2ox=="false")){ return } f.removeEventListener("start",f.start); f.dispatchEvent("refresh") }, In the above, I've included comments delineating my cookie coding, and also the addition in the "if" statement. I have tested the above script in each of Firefox and Internet Explorer, and it appears to work. My cookie script determines if the current website visitor has selected "true" or "false" for accepting "marketing" cookies (this information being available in the "CookieConsent" cookie). If the user has elected NOT to accept marketing cookies (so ads should not display, and the "cb2ox" variable reads "false") or if the user is seeing the GDPR screen for the first time (so GDPR regs require that no cookies be set - yet), then nothing is displayed for any of my Revive "zones". Phew! Eliz.
  2. I realize that your post is nearly a year old, but would you be able to clarify what you did? For instance, my "db_schema.ini" file looks pretty vanilla, with the "zones" section containing this: [zones] zoneid = 129 affiliateid = 1 zonename = 130 description = 130 delivery = 129 zonetype = 129 category = 162 width = 129 height = 129 ad_selection = 162 chain = 162 prepend = 162 append = 162 appendtype = 129 forceappend = 2 inventory_forecast_type = 129 comments = 34 cost = 1 cost_type = 1 cost_variable_id = 2 technology_cost = 1 technology_cost_type = 1 updated = 142 block = 129 capping = 129 session_capping = 129 what = 162 rate = 1 pricing = 130 oac_category_id = 1 ext_adselection = 2 show_capped_no_cookie = 129 I see nothing that might be particular to my installation, and I have no idea what is the "meaning" of "newZoneField = 2", and would appreciate clarification, as it may assist in an issue I'm facing. Thank you! Eliz.
  3. andrewatfornax: Is there any ETA on this documentation yet? Thank you!
  4. andrewatfornax: Would you be able to provide an example of what "passing a variable into Revive Adserver in the invocation code" might look like? Thank you! Eliz.
  5. My upgrade was trouble-free, and I can confirm that the Revive cookie is anonymised. Eliz.
  6. I am trying to coordinate between a GDPR cookie-setting script and Revive. The cookie-setting script starts out as "false" (so no cookies are supposed to be set) and asks the user to pick the user's "level" of cookies ("necessary", "preferences", "statistics", and "marketing"). The script then sets a cookie as either a "0" (meaning "opts out of everything non-necessary") or else as a more standard type cookie (containing something along the lines of "necessary:true,preferences:[value],statistics:[value],marketing:[value]", where [value] is "true" or "false"). For the purposes of discussion, let's call the cookie "CB". I have figured out how to have a Javascript check CB, and return either "true" for marketing, or else "false", writing this value (as a string) into a global variable "cb2ox" (for "converting CB's "marketing" value to an OpenX tag value"). I have figured out how to have another Javascript add "data-revive-cb2ox=[value of cb2ox]" to the "ins" tag in the HTML of a given webpage. (That is, if you view the DOM for the page, the new name-value pair is displayed within the "ins" tag.) I've done this scripting set-up on a page that I'm using for testing. I have set a Delivery Rule (that is, "Only display this banner when:") as: "(Site-PageURL DoesNotContain [testing page's URL]) OR (Site-Variable cb2ox Contains true)" If I'm understanding the Rule correctly, this means that ads will be displayed in the customary way on all pages other than [testing page's URL]. However, when the URL is [testing page's URL], the other rule should be checked; that is, the value of "data-revive-cb2ox" should be checked and, if NOT "true", then no ads should display. However, ads are still displaying. So clearly I'm doing something wrong. There is no documentation for "Site - Variable", so the error may lie there. Or maybe I've got the Delivery Rule set up wrong. Either way, I'd appreciate advice, instruction, links,... commiseration, sympathy,... whatever.... Thank you! Eliz.
  7. Within the /www/delivery/ directory, I note the following files: core.13871 248,520,704 12/13/2015 -rw------- core.17991 247,996,416 12/24/2015 -rw------- core.2044 248,246,272 11/12/2015 -rw------- core.24385 249,286,656 01/09/2016 -rw------- core.27415 248,008,704 07/18/2015 -rw------- core.31189 247,980,032 08/10/2015 -rw-------What are these? More to the point, do I need them? If so, do I need all of them, or only the most recent one? If not, may I delete them? Thank you. Eliz.
  8. Is there any plugin that would allow end users on my site to click a "report this ad" link, so I would get an e-mail telling me exactly which ad was problemmatic? (Or, if this is a separate scripting thing, or a third-party service, does anybody have a URL they could recommend?) Thank you! Eliz.
  9. I have been advised to change the password on my SQL database, in hopes of securing it (in case the hacker managed to snag that information). However, I can't seem to get the password to update. I've gone into phpMyAdmin inside my cPanel, and tried setting a new password. Then I changed the password in the config.php file. But I can't log in with the new password; however, the old password continues to work. I've tried setting up a new user with a new password, while removing the old user. After updating the config file, I couldn't log in with the new info, but I could still log in with the old info. I tried deleting the old user completely. After updating the config file, I still couldn't log in with the new info, but I could still log in with the old info. I tried importing the old database into a new database (with a new name), and creating a new user with a new password for the new database. After updating the config file, I couldn't log in with the new info, but I could still log in with the old info. What the frick am I doing wrong? Thank you. Eliz.
  10. Today, I discovered another hack of my adserver. I'd had version 3.1, with the usual precautions, file permissions, etc. The new hack appended a Javascript to the text in the "htmlcache" field. There was nothing in the "append" or "prepend" fields. The script was tacked onto the intended text. It put an iframe (calling an undesired URL) at an absolute position, did something with cookies (?), and then put another absolute-position iframe with another undesired different URL. I've forwarded specific details to the proper e-mail address for this issue; I haven't yet heard back. I have been unable to locate any other instances of this particular hack, either here on through Google in general. I know that details, etc, are not to be posted here, but I wanted to post something, so people would be aware of the issue. If you've got unintended ads being served up on your site, and if you can't find anything in the "prepend" or "append" fields, check in "banners" for coding in "htmlcache" that doesn't match what you'd intended. Eliz.
  11. I'd wanted to rename the Revive directory, while leaving it in the same location on the same server under the same domain name. I'm not sure what the change (noted in the quote above) in the "default.conf.php" file is meant to accomplish; I left this file unchanged, as it already contained my domain name. However, I did make the changes in the "domain_name.conf.php" file, which meant the following lines were adjusted in the highlighted ways: old: [webpath] admin="www.domain_name.com/old_name/www/admin" delivery="www.domain_name.com/old_name/www/delivery" deliverySSL="www.domain_name.com/old_name/www/delivery" images="www.domain_name.com/old_name/www/images" imagesSSL="www.domain_name.com/old_name/www/images" [store] mode=0 webDir="/home/account_name/public_html/old_name/www/images" new: [webpath] admin="www.domain_name.com/new_name/www/admin" delivery="www.domain_name.com/new_name/www/delivery" deliverySSL="www.domain_name.com/new_name/www/delivery" images="www.domain_name.com/new_name/www/images" imagesSSL="www.domain_name.com/new_name/www/images" [store] mode=0 webDir="/home/account_name/public_html/new_name/www/images" I can confirm that this appears to work. Ads have continued to be served on the pages, and statistics are being logged. Thank you! Eliz.
  12. I gave up and tried to do a clean install of Revive. It kept hanging in the second step, saying that it was detecting an "unknown version" of Revive. I finally went into the configuration file and, in the first section (labelled "[openads]"), replaced the "1" in the first line with a "0". That was enough to convince the installation script that it could proceed. I then had problems with the installation claiming it found partial plugins, and could not install functional versions. I could neither install good ones nore uninstall the "bad" ones. So I ended up importing "code only", at which point I was able to uninstall the existing plugins and install the "right" ones. I'm still working, but things seems to be moving in a helpful direction. I'd still like to know how to do a "destination URL" for Generic HTML ads, though.... Eliz.
  13. Some time ago, I tried to upgrade from OpenX 2.8.something(?) to Revive, and the installation failed. I thought it had been okay, but nothing was being logged. I couldn't figure out how to fix it, so I rolled back to the backed-up OpenX installation. Now I'm trying again to install/upgrade, but I'm stuck at the "- An unknown version detected" error. The "debug.log" file is empty. The "install.log" file contains the following: Attempting to detect an existing Openads (aka. phpAdsNew) installation... PAN not detected Attempting to detect an existing Openads (aka. Max Media Manager 0.1) installation... MMM v0.1 not detected Attempting to detect an existing Openads (aka. Max Media Manager 0.3) installation... MMM v0.3 not detected Attempting to detect an existing Revive Adserver installation... creating upgrade_action audit table successfully created upgrade_action audit table creating database_action audit table successfully created database_action audit table An unknown version detected #! Connected to the database ok : purple04_revive310 #! This version cannot be upgraded Is there some key or value that I should be changing in the existing mySQL database to inform the upgrade/install script of the previous version? Or is there some other fix? Thank you. Eliz.
  14. I re-re-re-copied yet-more OpenX (known-good) files into the Revive installation, and finally I'm not getting errors in the Revive dashboard or the debug.log file. I've renamed the directories again. But I accidentally renamed wrong, so my old installation is gone. Crap. Eliz.
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