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  1. Solved this problem myself. I extracted the html5.class.php and html5.display.php and placed them in the plugin/html/oxHtml directory and the HTML5 option showed up and is serve-able by the Ad server.
  2. When we try to create a Banner, the Banner Type HTML5 is not showing up. We are running Revive 4.1.4. The Banner Type Plugin is version 1.2.6 and when we click on the HTML Banner Type Plugin it is only showing the genericHTML extension, not HTML5. We have verified that in the etc/plugins directory there is a zip file called openXBannerTypes.zip with a html5.class.php file in it, but it does not show in the html group when creating a banner. Please advise on how to get the HTML5 banner type to show. We upgraded from version 3 of revive. Is there anything we need to do in the config to make that banner type show?
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