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  2. This software is great. I just installed it and it works really well on my server. There is only once feature missing. It lacks a fresh responsive / mobile friendly control panel skin. Can some of us get together and order one for ourselfs? What do you guys thing? Do you want this?
  3. Hello, everybody, my customer wants to include an audio file in his HTML5 ad. When a visitor clicks on the play button, the audio file is played. Additionally there is a text link to the website of my customer. Two things are to be tracked. 1: How often someone clicks on the text link. 2: How often someone clicks on the play button and listens to the audio file. Can I do this with Revive?
  4. Hi, If we don't need the features in 5.0 (and therefore the bug fixes in 5.0.1/.2), is (at this time) 4.2.1 suitable for long-term use? i.e. (a) are there any known major bugs/security issues with it & (b) are there (LTS) plans to patch ones if they occur (At least security)? Thank you.
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  6. https://support.wix.com/en/article/setting-your-gif-files-to-play-in-a-loop First hit on google
  7. Hi All, I am adserver user and use the MaxMind GeoIP Plugin a lot. After upgrading to the latest version I checked that this plugin although active crashed. I do not know how I can update the plugins, did not check any link to upgrade plugins or download. Sending screen shot of the plugins panel and setting up a campaign where the geo option no longer appears. Please ask for your help Thanks,
  8. After upgrading recently I am now getting Can't Reach Site errors when running the process bounces in the ACP. This never happened before. Any ideas? Also, I still cannot upgrade and haven't gotten an answer here: https://forum.revive-adserver.com/topic/5526-issue-with-upgrade-to-50/
  9. Hi a client sent a GIF ad, but it doesn't loop. they say it's a problem our end but I can't see how it would be - any ideas how to make it loop?
  10. Hi. If I am running a real life news paper made out of actual pape r(not an online website news power) and I want to keep track of customers and their ads they give me, could I use this software to do that? Since this is not via a website then obviously there's no use for impressoins or pay per click or any other models. I would only need to create a customer, crate an add or them and set an expiration for when that ad started and when that ad should end and which point I need to be notified that it did end. So basically a customer and ad management for off line user. Would this work for that? If not, is there anything anyone can recommend? Thanks.
  11. Hello, I enabled Geotargeting plugin but I did not find any data installed. So, I downloaded Maxmind database, the free version, but I did not know how to install it. Would you please help install it? Thanks.
  12. I have read the warning in the revive ad documentation "While Revive Adserver supports running maintenance more often than once per hour, this option was added for extremely high volume, multiple server installations (e.g. at least a million impressions an hour)" I have 4-5 milliions impressions an hour. Can I set for example maintenance every 10 min?
  13. hard to tell with the information you provided (none) 😅
  14. Dear all, our website is using Revive for 4 years and a lot of employees already cahnged and somethere in that process we lost admin account and now only using default manager account. How I can get admin user back? We want to upgrade to new version and this cannot be done without admin.
  15. Zip Pierre-Alain Joye, Remi Collet Zlib Rasmus Lerdorf, Stefan Roehrich, Zeev Suraski, Jade Nicoletti, Michael Wallner That is from my php.ini. Here is the error I see. The zip extension must be loaded - Your current PHP configuration does not meet requirements of Revive Adserver. To resolve the problems, please modify settings in your 'php.ini' Ay suggestions? Thanks.
  16. you're welcome. please let us know if that fixed your issue
  17. Hi Lan vM, max_connections value is 151. Should I increased to maximum?
  18. Hi Lan vM, Thanks for your suggesting for the hosted edition. I aware with that hosted edition. But, we need to customise a lot the server in the future. So, we need to use in our own dedicated server. Can you please suggest why my Revive Ad Server doesn't work in big impression?
  19. Maybe the hosted edition is something for you ? https://www.revive-adserver.net/ A dedicated server with those specs should easily be able to run that amount of impressions
  20. Hello! Someone please explain why my Revive Ad Server is stop working when I serve the ads for 1 million impression per day. I have run the detected server with CPU 6 Core, RAM 64GB and Bandwidth is 10TB. I don't have any error when I serve the ads for 1000 impressions per day.
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  22. Hi, I have been running the adserver for some time, and being a bit niave I used domain/xxxxx-*** is it possible to change it to domain/xxxxx? If so how do I do it and what do I need to change? Thanks, Gerald
  23. The banner not showing after geo targeting rule is applied. Using laterst 5.0.2 version
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