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  1. I realise I can add a remnant campaign to the zone which will display. This isn't a helpful solution though as I can't accurately track impressions. My override campaigns are all limited per day currently and I need to keep the reporting accurate
  2. Hi, really need some help with this one. For some reason my ads won't display on mobile. I have several zones set up and all of them have been set up in the same manner but with different banner sizes. I have been experimenting with adding different zones to the header section(the zone that isn't displaying on mobiles) and they work fine. All the other zones are remnant campaigns and all work on mobile. I have therefore narrowed the problem down to it being due to the contract and override campaigns. How can I fix this please? I notice on the zone page there is a small icon over the zone which appears to denote it as containing contract campaigns. I cannot see any options anywhere to tackle this though. Pulling my hair out over this one and my previous request for help here went unnoticed, so hopefully someone will pick this up. Thank you!
  3. Can you just clarify if its ads or zones. I understood it to be zones. I have 35 ads showing in 1 zone so I certainly hope I read it right!
  4. I have recently moved to hosted version after using self hosted(outdated) version for a number of years. I have 2 different zones set up and am having trouble having banners from the same advertiser showing in each zone. For example in the screenshot I have a Stihl banner showing in the header, but then it won't show in the side banners. I cannot uncheck the 'show more than one banner form this advertiser' option as then their banner shows multiple times in the side section. I see there are some settings in the actual invocation zone which seem to relate to this issue, however none of the changes I make seem to effect it? Can someone help please?
  5. Same problem with it not showing. Although they appear for my dev in New Zealand. Would be nice to get some help on this
  6. Happy to pay for an answer to this, Do you have a premium support line? Couldnt see one.
  7. hmmm I see in the URL above it says log=no so im guessing thats the issue. How to fix though?
  8. For example one of the URL's I am using is http://arbchat.co.uk/serve/www/delivery/ck.php?oaparams=2__bannerid=476__zoneid=0__log=no__cb=c467f8cb90__oadest=https://www.timberwolf-uk.com/?utm_source=ArbTalk%26utm_medium=content%26utm_campaign=Brand-Awareness
  9. Hi, hoping to find a hack for something im trying to do. I thought I had it sussed but apparently not. Basically I have added a plugin on my forum which allows me in the backend to auto affiliate any keyword I want. So in this case any keyword unique to one of my advertisers I want to hyperlink to their websites. Obviously I want to track these clicks as part of their package, so what I did was create a new campaign for them named 'affiliate links', added a banner(not linked to any zone), right clicked on the banner and copied link location. I have then entered this URL in the backend of my forum plugin as the link that the keyword links to. I was hoping this would then be tracked as a click in revive, but apparently its not working. Looking for a solution to this problem if someone can help? Thank you
  10. OK, so yes I have it set as contract. Can I change it to remnant and still put in a limitation on the amount of impressions per day? If I read parts of your link correctly its basically saying revive is guessing how many times it can display the banner over the course of the day?
  11. Add a new user in the advertisers detail section
  12. Hi, new to the forum but have been using adserver for about 10 years now, hoping for some advice. Most of the ad positions on my site are permanent placements with the exception of the main header banner which I sell by impressions. I get around 500,000 page impressions every month but am struggling to fill these. Typically most of my advertisings set an amount of impressions per day but these are currently not getting their full quote in. It seems half the time the position is being displayed empty. How can I force a banner to always be displayed please?
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