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CSS and JS not loading in the UI (v5.5.1)

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I'm having a strange problem - the min.php is not loading any of the CSS or JS files for the UI. Only the widgets styles are loaded correctly.

Everything else works; ads are being served correctly, but the UI styling is missing. When I open the link for the stylesheet/js it is simply empty. 

What I did so far: 

- I checked the server for errors - no PHP errors were reported for that issue/page.
- I went in the directory (assets) and upped the permissions in the folder.
- I checked "Force SSL" in the UI Preferences. That solved the "not secure" issue but not the styling one. I also tried it from the server itself. 
- I can see no relevant errors in the console. 

I'm a bit of a loss what else can I do/check. It's probably a permission / path issue, but I'm not sure where to look for it. 

Any ideas? 


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