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Cannot Edit Banners After Upgrade

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On Monday we upgraded from OpenX 2.8.9 to Revive 3.0.4, and while all ads were still placing properly, we are unable to upload new banners. I can go through the whole process of filling in the info for a new banner, as seen in image 1. Once I click "save changes" and the page reloads, the record for the banner exists, but there is no image on the page, as seen in image 2.


Image 1: http://imgur.com/tTFB5aI

Image 2: http://imgur.com/wON2Ali


I am not the one who handled the upgrade, our IT manager did, but we do have the ability to check on things to make sure they are setup correctly.


Also, I couldn't figure out how to add images to a post.

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