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  1. Yeah but then you're just using one zone and scaling it as necessary. If that works for you, cool. We wanted to present separate zones based on screen width, which was why it was an issue.
  2. We're using a single page call and a simple piece of javascript to determine page size on load. Our site's tech is developed by a third party, so I was rather hamstrung in what I could do without breaking the site. The problem we ran into is that we couldn't get it to dynamically pop back and forth between multiple sizes, so it just determines the resolution on page load and serves an appropriately sized ad (as was suggested above). Pretty simple: <script type="text/javascript"> var width = window.innerWidth || document.documentElement.clientWidth || document.body.clientWidth; if (width > 960) { <!--// <![CDATA[ OA_show('leaderboard'); // ]]> --> } else { <!--// <![CDATA[ OA_show('miniboard'); // ]]> --> } </script> At the larger size it shows the 728x90 ad, in the smaller size it shows a 300x50. We realized that very few people in the real world are jumping back and forth between breakpoints, so being able to do it on the fly is not a pressing issue. Worst case scenario is that a mobile-sized ad is served on a weird resolution tablet or something like that. The worst part is that our developer has fully responsive ad implementations available, but you have to pay to use their hosted Open X Server in order to do it. They don't open that up to self hosted ad servers.
  3. What is the no cookie image tag? I am having similar issues trying to get banners to display in my newsletter. I have five distinct zones, and each zone has one distinct banner in it, but when attempting to click through, none of them work. EDIT: Just for clarification, I am just using the following for the banners (each one different for its own zone though): <a href='http://ads.hour-media.com/opx/www/delivery/ck.php?n=ae335639&amp;cb=INSERT_RANDOM_NUMBER_HERE' target='_blank'><img src='http://ads.hour-media.com/opx/www/delivery/avw.php?zoneid=91&amp;cb=INSERT_RANDOM_NUMBER_HERE&amp;n=ae335639&amp;ct0=INSERT_ENCODED_CLICKURL_HERE' border='0' alt='' /></a>
  4. Each zone only has one ad in it, as shown here. Is there a specific tag I should be using to insert my ads into the newsletter? Right now I am using this: <a href='http://ads.hour-media.com/opx/www/delivery/ck.php?n=afedd770&amp;cb=INSERT_RANDOM_NUMBER_HERE' target='_blank'><img src='http://ads.hour-media.com/opx/www/delivery/avw.php?zoneid=89&amp;cb=INSERT_RANDOM_NUMBER_HERE&amp;n=afedd770&amp;ct0=INSERT_ENCODED_CLICKURL_HERE' border='0' alt='' /></a>
  5. Resurrecting a dead thread here, but I am wondering how you served ads in your newsletter. Since I know email clients can't handle scripting, I tried doing it using the code in the noscript portion of the invocation, but I still get blank redirects from Outlook. I only have one banner pointed to each zone, and they work just fine in GMail, but Outlook cannot seem to handle it. Any support can get on this issue would be appreciated.
  6. This is nothing new with Revive. We've had this problem for the entirety of the time while using OpenX and now Revive. We have just made a habit of switching the contract campaigns to remnant in the last couple of days to make sure they deliver the entirety of their impressions in the contracted time period.
  7. Our IT guy fixed it, but he did not say how. I assume it was one of those. Thanks!
  8. Hello, On Monday we upgraded from OpenX 2.8.9 to Revive 3.0.4, and while all ads were still placing properly, we are unable to upload new banners. I can go through the whole process of filling in the info for a new banner, as seen in image 1. Once I click "save changes" and the page reloads, the record for the banner exists, but there is no image on the page, as seen in image 2. Image 1: http://imgur.com/tTFB5aI Image 2: http://imgur.com/wON2Ali I am not the one who handled the upgrade, our IT manager did, but we do have the ability to check on things to make sure they are setup correctly. Also, I couldn't figure out how to add images to a post.
  9. Would that be added to the single page call or to the invocation code for the ad?
  10. Right, but browser user agent can be spoofed, and there are weird browsers that may not be detected properly, causing them to display incorrectly. However, a 500 pixel wide screen is always a 500 pixel wide screen, no matter what browser you are using.
  11. I'm not entirely clear on what you mean with this part of your statement:
  12. Alright, I set up a single page call for our site to help solve my issue in my previous thread about responsive ads (that's not all the way set up but it's on track). Now that I have single page call, I want to have two ad units that are the same size on a page. Do I need to create a separate zone for each one? If I want two 300x250 ads on a page, do I need two 300x250 zones set up, or can I do something like cache-busting or whatever to get the second copy of the invocation code to load a separate ad? I already have "Don't show the same ad on the page" enabled.
  13. Instead of detecting the browser/OS, I am going to look into using Response.JS so that it selects based on width instead.
  14. Hello, We are building a new, responsive version of our site, and we are a bit puzzled with how to convert our ad units to responsive ads. We want our 728x90 ad to be replaced with a 300x50 ad on mobile phone browsers, but cannot figure out the best way to implement this in the site. Any support you can provide would be greatly appreciated.
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