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Local Mode Invocation Tag - force specific banner to display


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I'm using the Local Mode Invocation Tag to display all banners.

I want to display only one specific banner on a specific page. It's easy, by putting the id of the banner in invocation code and it is working.

BUT i don't want this specific banner to be displayed anywhere else on the site.

To make sure a banner is not displayed, you can either set up the campaign to 0, the priority to 0 or not having a zone defined for that banner. But then, even by putting the number of the id of the banner directly in the invocation code, there is no banner displayed.

In other words, is there a way to FORCE a banner to display using the invocation code, even if the campaign or priority is set to 0 ?

Thank you

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I found that it is also possible to use avw with the number of the banner (so not using the invocation tag) to display the image only

but it is still using any delivery rule related to the banner. 

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An other accepted alternative would be to hack the alocal.php file by :
- making a copy of alocal.php
- use this copy when i need it and 
modify one line in it, to force not to take into account any priority ? like commenting one line ?

I've seen many function like _adSelectCommon and _adSelect and i've tried many modifications without being able to make it work. any clue ?

Thank you

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