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  1. An other accepted alternative would be to hack the alocal.php file by : - making a copy of alocal.php - use this copy when i need it and modify one line in it, to force not to take into account any priority ? like commenting one line ? I've seen many function like _adSelectCommon and _adSelect and i've tried many modifications without being able to make it work. any clue ? Thank you
  2. I found that it is also possible to use avw with the number of the banner (so not using the invocation tag) to display the image only /www/delivery/avw.php?bannerid=11 but it is still using any delivery rule related to the banner.
  3. Hello, What is the use of part of the tag in the delivery of banners (/delivery/lg.php?) like &referer= & loc= ? I mean there are filled with the url of the current page and the page from where people are coming. But is there any use within Revive ? And can we remove it without any issue ? Thank you
  4. Hello, I'm using the Local Mode Invocation Tag to display all banners. I want to display only one specific banner on a specific page. It's easy, by putting the id of the banner in invocation code and it is working. BUT i don't want this specific banner to be displayed anywhere else on the site. To make sure a banner is not displayed, you can either set up the campaign to 0, the priority to 0 or not having a zone defined for that banner. But then, even by putting the number of the id of the banner directly in the invocation code, there is no banner displayed. In other words, is there a way to FORCE a banner to display using the invocation code, even if the campaign or priority is set to 0 ? Thank you
  5. Hello, When the adserver is pushing the code in local mode, it is creating for the pixel tracking either a loc= or a referer= that are the current page and the referer page. Are they useful for counting ? Why i am asking is that i've been bumped with XSS and if the url is wrong like containing <script> or kind of code, it is used wihtin the page. So, I want to clean it to keep only the path and filename without any argument after it. Thank you for confirmation
  6. Thank you for the clarification
  7. Hello, i noticed the cache is in : \revive\var\cache as there are old files, I guess this folder is not cleaned by maintenance. 1. Is it worth to clean it manually ? then, can we do it from the command line (rm) or should it be done through the admin only ? Thank you
  8. sorry, yes, one banner is listed but no percentage is indicated. but by changing "override" by "remnant" again, then the icon is yellow again and the 100% probability is indicated again. diffusion, meaning distribution (bad translation done) thanks for helping
  9. Thanks. For the 2 normal zones, i have the probabilities percentage and the weight but for this 3rd zone, I have neither probabilities neither weight shown. could it be the issue ? i've checked the config of my zone, but its exactly set like the 2 others. the only different thing is that the icon of the zone (under the name column) is red instead of yellow like the 2 others.
  10. yes, i'm certain i understand the 3 different campaigns types correctly (and working 8 years with phpadsnew has been no problem even if overide was not existing on that one). let's try to make it simpler. i have 100.000 pages viewed per day. If i set up 1 zone (identical on all pages) with only one banner to display, this zone should be able to display 100.000 banners (no limitation, no capping), right ? but instead of 100.000 banners, this zone is only displaying 40.000 banners. i've tried to set that campaign as overide without more success (no other overide campaign than this one). --- more details as in reality i have 2 other zones per page (3 zones in total per page). the 2 other zones are displaying 100.000 banners per zone, per day, each. so, what is expected, fine. So, the 3rd zone should do the same (but in fact is only displaying half of what it should be possible). the only difference is that the other 2 zones do have a mix of different banners from different campaigns when the 3rd zone has only one banner from one campaign only.
  11. by the way, i did the test for this 3rd zone, that only has 1 specific banner to deliver (no capping nor delivery limitation for that banner) by using on day 1 : remnant, but set to 10 for the banner day 2 : contract, the only one contract (all other being remnant) day 3 : override the number per day is nearly the same every day, whatever the kind of campaign like a roof. note that it is a new reviveadserver set up with only new campaigns, with 3 months of history (taking into account that the daily delivery is very stable).
  12. Hello, I have 3 zones on a webpage. 2 zones should display all campaigns randomly (using remnant = working). 1 zone should only display one campaign but none of the other campaigns, taking all impressions possible (either using contract or override = not working). Here is an exemple. I have 100.000 pages displayed per day. So, i should be able to display my specific campaign to my 3rd zone with 100.000 banners (taking into account that i have one specific format for that particular zone not used anywhere else). But, in fact, there is only 1/3 or 1/4 of banners what could be possible displayed that are displayed, so 20.000 per day are displayed instead of the 100.000 possible (no capping, no restriction of time or anything, they should just displayed on every page). Any idea why this is not working ? (because it was working fine with phpadsnew and this is only since revive that it is not working anymore correctly) Thank you
  13. if most of bots and crawler are identifying themselves as crawlers or bots, some of them are not. then you have only one IP that is generating sometimes thousands of clicks by itself. these are 2 IPs that were massively clicking everywhere. using the code above, i can add either a specific bot not listed as a bot (like xenu recently) or a specific ip that is definitely not human. i'm thinking about creating a plugin to do this, but I'm missing some infos, especially as i'm hacking the code (definitely not a good way)
  14. you can by using phpmyadmin on the database (at your own risks) views and clicks of banners are stored in the xx_ pub_data_summary_ad_hourly table banners are stored in the xx_banners table campaigns are stored in the xx_campaigns table then, it's a question of join request on these 3 tables
  15. Hi, I'm building my own script to be able to fully desactivate one campaign in one click, without having to go inside every campaign, banners and zone to set it up to 0 or desactivate. I've tested it and it works. But could you please confirm that the 3 following mysql requests are taking "everything" into account to do it properly ? where $campaignid is the id of the campaign UPDATE revive_banners SET weight=0,status=1 WHERE revive_banners.campaignid='$campaignid' UPDATE revive_campaigns SET views=0,clicks=0,priority=0,target_impression=0,expire_time=NOW() WHERE campaignid='$campaignid' DELETE a.* FROM revive_ad_zone_assoc a LEFT JOIN revive_banners b ON b.bannerid = a.ad_id WHERE a.zone_id > 0 AND b.campaignid='$campaignid' Thank you
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