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Banner from same campaign on same page - zone setting


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I have two zones on my page for the one campaigns desktop and mobile banners. I use css to hide the other banner based on media queries.

Then I have on the same page two other zones for other campaigns where I don't need a different mobile banner.  One banner from  a same campaign is set to both zones. I would like to use the setting: Don't show a banner from the same campaign again on the same page, to prevent the same banner being shown twice. 

Now it seems to be so, that this setting for preventing the same campaign on the same page is affecting ALL the zones on the page, not just the zones I set it for.

Is that correct? Should the setting affect only the zones where it is set or all the zones on the same page?

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Hi @lpa,

Correct - if you set the "Don't show a banner from the same campaign again on the same page" option for a zone, then the banner that is shown in that zone will have its parent campaign added to an exclusion list, and banners from that campaign will not be shown again on the same page - no matter what the setting is for any other zones.

See: https://documentation.revive-adserver.com/display/DOCS/Banner+Selection+Mechanism

(Otherwise, the option would be "Don't show a banner from the same campaign again in this zone, if the zone is displayed on the page more than once" - but it's not - it's don't show a banner from the same campaign again on the same page, which is what is happening!)

Note that you could technically work around this, though, but using a zone invocation type that doesn't support this setting for the zone placements where you don't want this feature to work.

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