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Login authenticating but not fully working ...

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Ok so  my install is up and running and after first login it is configured, everything just fine (kinda I have ad issues but thats for another thread) but now when i go to login it keeps me in a loop ...

here i will capture a screen recording of it and share ...

it will "kind of" log me in to the admin...

like the first page will load one of the panels of content but not the others ... and only to the "default manager" account not the "Administrator" account .... the link below is to a 2 minute screen-cast i recorded detailing the issue .... im new to the community but i'm an old OpenX user just haven't used this since about 2012... once i solve this issue there's another issue i've posted that i can also detail with a screencast once this one is resolved ... 



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Ok oddly enough I checked in on this issue and it seems to of solved itself for now ... odd yes .... while i have your attention tho can i get you to look at another issue i have on a different thread ? This issue has been ongoing much longer and what caused me to reinstall the ad server in the first place ... I just updated the other post with new info and screenshots should someone be able to assist in troubleshooting ... 


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