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Ad banners not delivering/showing when redirecting from Facebook Android app


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we have news agency website and posting news every day. We've placed ad banners on this website, and everything works great (on Windows, Linux, IOS, android browsers). But, if we share post (url of our website's single post) on Facebook, and than try to enter that link from android Facebook app (Android uses built-in 'Facebook Mobile Browser' to open links) banners are not showing up. On IOS this problem does not exists, banner is showing up properly.

We tried .png, html banner type but without success. also, We tried Adocean and it works without problem.

Can you plase confirm this is bug? Our company is ready to pay for fixing this issue ASAP.


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Hi @midler,

Unfortunately, I don't have an Android phone, but even if I did, without some more information, I wouldn't be able to confirm if it's a bug or not, as you don't actually provide links to somewhere where we could test the issue to see if it happens for us.

Do you still have the issue? If so, maybe setting up a test scenario that can be used to evaluate what's going on would be a good starting point.


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