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  1. Hello, we have news agency website and posting news every day. We've placed ad banners on this website, and everything works great (on Windows, Linux, IOS, android browsers). But, if we share post (url of our website's single post) on Facebook, and than try to enter that link from android Facebook app (Android uses built-in 'Facebook Mobile Browser' to open links) banners are not showing up. On IOS this problem does not exists, banner is showing up properly. We tried .png, html banner type but without success. also, We tried Adocean and it works without problem. Can you plase confi
  2. Thank you very much. I really like Revive Adserver and wish everything best. Good luck
  3. I found it. Thanks for response. I know that frequency of refresh in statistics is 60 minutes, and decreasing it will reduce website performance. But any way, how to can I make refresh time less? I found maintenance settings and changed it but no luck.... Also, I've seen cron jobs of maintenance.php but statistics are not updating on website anyway... Also, can I manually update statistics on website? Thank you very much
  4. Hello, friends, I have read many topics and I know that Revive Adserver is not engine for immediate statistic monitoring. When I click the banner, Revive Adserver saves temp information that I clicked banner and every 1 hour it shows up in statistics. I have just one question - where can I find that temp information? Searched in database and in var directory also but no luck. Thanks
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