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Is it possible to configure revive ad to use mysql slave for reading for example ? 

Currently I have around 14k ops on my db server and I'm searching  for load balancing solution. 

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A possibly more nuanced answer:

  1. No - you cannot use MySQL Slaves for read-only DB access with Revive Adserver - there is no support in the application to direct reads to slave databases, and writes to a master database.
  2. We do not recommend the use of distributed statistics any more - it's effectively unsupported.
  3. 14k ops (presumably database operations?) is not necessarily a large number - depends on the timescale. I have seen Revive Adserver running on a single MySQL and perform 2.5k ops per second. It really depends on what bottleneck you are seeing - and what other optimizations you have attempted re: performance.

Maybe it's time to write a performance optimization guide....


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