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Error in debug.php file


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I am getting this error each hour in my debug.php file:


Nov 08 08:18:13 +0000 OX-maintenance-5a02bdc454ff9 [    error]     ERROR: Could not migrate raw bucket data from the 'ox_data_bkt_a' bucket table
Nov 08 08:18:13 +0000 OX-maintenance-5a02bdc454ff9 [    error]     Error message was: MDB2 Error: syntax error

What does it mean and how can I fit it?

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Hi @crsurf,

This means that not all of your "raw" stats data in the ox_data_bkt_a table was able to be migrated into the summary tables that sit "higher up" in the chain, so, you might be missing statistics.

To fix it, we'd have to understand what the syntax error is first.

Do you have logging enabled for your database, and can you determine the SQL command that is trying to be executed at that time which is causing the issue?

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I don't know the answer to this as I am not that experienced with SQL. Do you offer a service that helps fix problems with Revive? Right now none of my ads are appearing. The only change I made from a week ago is deleting the cache and updating myPHP to the latest version.

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