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  1. So I upgraded to 4.1.1 and the problem has been fixed. (for now)
  2. Using Revive 4.0.1, and since I upgraded to the latest myPHP, my ads are not appearing and I cannot see the admin login. Website is www.crsurf.com. From the error log in the www/admin/ folder - [20-Nov-2017 21:30:45 UTC] PHP Warning: Module 'imagick' already loaded in Unknown on line 0 [21-Nov-2017 10:30:13 UTC] PHP Warning: Module 'imagick' already loaded in Unknown on line 0 [21-Nov-2017 10:30:16 UTC] PHP Warning: Module 'imagick' already loaded in Unknown on line 0 [04-Jan-2018 11:51:28 UTC] PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined method MDB2_Error::setFetchMode() in /home/crsurf/public_html/openx-2.8.7/lib/pear/DB/QueryTool/Query.php:299 Stack trace: #0 /home/crsurf/public_html/openx-2.8.7/lib/pear/DB/QueryTool/Query.php(273): DB_QueryTool_Query->connect(Object(MDB2_Error), Array) #1 /home/crsurf/public_html/openx-2.8.7/lib/pear/DB/QueryTool/EasyJoin.php(71): DB_QueryTool_Query->__construct(Object(MDB2_Error), Array) #2 /home/crsurf/public_html/openx-2.8.7/lib/pear/DB/QueryTool.php(57): DB_QueryTool_EasyJoin->__construct(Object(MDB2_Error), Array) #3 /home/crsurf/public_html/openx-2.8.7/lib/max/Dal/Common.php(157): DB_QueryTool->__construct(Object(MDB2_Error)) #4 /home/crsurf/public_html/openx-2.8.7/lib/max/Dal/Common.php(77): MAX_Dal_Common->_getQueryTool(Object(MDB2_Error)) #5 /home/crsurf/public_html/openx-2.8.7/www/admin/lib-sessions.inc.php(91): MAX_Dal_Common->__construct() #6 /home/crsurf/public_html/openx-2.8.7/www/admin/lib-sessions.inc.php(222): phpAds_SessionStart() #7 /home/crsurf/public_h in /home/crsurf/public_html/openx-2.8.7/lib/pear/DB/QueryTool/Query.php on line 299
  3. I don't know the answer to this as I am not that experienced with SQL. Do you offer a service that helps fix problems with Revive? Right now none of my ads are appearing. The only change I made from a week ago is deleting the cache and updating myPHP to the latest version.
  4. I currently have about 20 ads in columns appearing on certain pages of my website - www.crsurf.com. I am using zones to place the banners, and for each advertiser have checked 'only allow one ad per page' However, more than one of the advertiser's banners are appearing. Is there a change in settings that would prevent this?
  5. I am getting this error each hour in my debug.php file: Nov 08 08:18:13 +0000 OX-maintenance-5a02bdc454ff9 [ error] ERROR: Could not migrate raw bucket data from the 'ox_data_bkt_a' bucket table Nov 08 08:18:13 +0000 OX-maintenance-5a02bdc454ff9 [ error] Error message was: MDB2 Error: syntax error What does it mean and how can I fit it?
  6. had the same problem of images not loading. the new install of 4.0.2 had this in the config file- webDir="/home/crsurf/public_html/openx-2.8.7/www/images" changing it didn't work, but copying my images folder from the old directory (version of revive) to the new one did.
  7. The missing tables are: ox_data_summary_ad_hourly ox_data_intermediate_ad OK, I added the two tables from an earlier version, just the structure and not the data, and the install is working!
  8. Currently my version of Revive is not showing statistics. When I was upgrading to 4.0.2, an error message appeared saying that 'two database tables were missing'. How do I find out which two, and if I add those tables would it work correctly?
  9. I read it and just don't want to make any mistakes that would stop the banners from running. Is there anyone out there who I could pay $60 to set it up?
  10. I have run OpenX on my site and now need to upgrade to Revive 3.2.1. Willing to pay for a Revive pro to install it on my site - www.crsurf.com. You can reach me through the website.
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