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haveing problems displaying TradeDoubler banners on revive 4.0.2?

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Wondering if anyone else has got problems displaying TradeDoubler banners on revive 4.0.2? All the other affiliate companies I am with display display the banners properly, I even made a copy of a campaign and added the TradeDoubler code after the original code with a couple of inserted breaks. I either get the main banner followed by an empty square or just the main banner. I have tried all three of the versions of the banner codes provided by TradeDoubler but with no luck.

Any help much appreciated,

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Hi @warmbells,

Okay - can you please create two plain HTML pages, one with the exact same contents of the HTML banner, directly in the page, and one with a new remnant campaign, with just one HTML banner, containing the exact same thing as is on the plain HTML page, linked to a new, otherwise empty zone, and then the invocation tag for that zone on another plain HTML page - and then PM me the link to the two HTML pages?

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