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Reason not installing from source?


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What is the reason Revive Adserver should not be installed from source but instead from a zip on the downloads page (as mentioned in a few other threads)? What will be the consequences if running from source?

As of today I use a cloned version of Revive Adserver source in which I have modified some libraries and some delivery files to fit my needs. I would like to use this without suffering the consequences above (depending on the severity). Hence I would like to replicate the Revive Adserver release process to produce a similar zip file as can be found on the downloads page. Any info on this would be very welcome.

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Hi @aaron,

Probably the two main differences will be that, when we package up a Revive Adserver release:

  • We strip out some of the files in the repository that are development tools, and are not required for the functioning of Revive Adserver (which may, therefore, introduce a security risk if they are present in your installation); and
  • We "compile" the delivery scripts, merging all of the required source files that are necessary for banner delivery into a single file (per invocation tag type), for performance reasons.
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Hi @aaron,

I think it's:

Yes, scripts/delivery/rebuild.php merges all of the different source files used for each delivery action into a single file per action. This helps give some better performance for users who are not using an opcode cache / haven't configured their cache to ignore checking for file timestamps - otherwise there is a lot of file access required for each delivery action.

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