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Multiple subdomains on 1 Revive Adserver

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We have a Revive Adserver installed that we rotate and serve third party ads onto multiple websites.

I'm told by our tech people that in apache , we can setup 

 one website, that responds to multiple URL's. 




all point to the webspace 


Such that whatever website exists inside of /var/reviveadserver/ is called when any of the above addresses are requested. 

We'd like when ads are served that the server at (example) openx marketplace sees the actual website domain, say site1.com instead of our reviveadserver that's on another domain. We're told by OpenxMarket this is what their buyers need to buy ads comfortably.

I hope I asked this clearly. I run the adserver, but I'm not the tech person here.

How do we accomplish this with Revive Adserver?

Jim Atkinson/3WK.COM

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9 hours ago, JimAtkinson said:

We run ads thru: https://sso.openx.com/ it's a Marketplace. And the instance url is at us-market.openx.com.

I'd think that's Openx Marketplace.

I think you are referring to OpenX Ad Exchange, see http://openx.com/product/ad-exchange/

9 hours ago, JimAtkinson said:

How would we implement the subdomains inside Revive Adserver? An overview?

Thanks Erik.

Jim Atkinson

See: http://documentation.revive-adserver.com/display/DOCS/Managing+Configuration+Files

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